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CT Insurance Department Recovers $1.3 Million from Insurers in 2Q

Source: CT Insurance Department

Posted on 05 Aug 2009

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Connecticut Insurance Commissioner Thomas R. Sullivan announced last week that during the second quarter 2009, $1,300,707 was recovered on behalf of consumers, double the recovery seen in the same quarter last year.

The Consumer Affairs Unit staff at the Department receives an average of 1600 complaint/inquiries per quarter. Incoming complaints vary by product lines. In the second quarter, the majority or 44 percent of complaints were related to Accident and Health product lines. The remainder of complaints were related to Auto (17 percent), homeowners (8 percent), Life and Annuities (7 percent), general liability (2 percent), fire (1 percent) and miscellaneous.

Not all inquires or complaints submitted to the insurance department are subject to recovery. This quarter, of the 242 complaints eligible for recovery 49% or $639,983 of recovered funds came from complaints related to the accident and health product lines, 19% or $241,693 came from auto product lines and 15% or 193,347 from fire product lines.

Each quarter the Department’s Consumer Affairs Unit analyzes the calls received by the public and reports on the types of issues resolved and amounts of money recovered on behalf of consumers.

Complaints are made in five categories: Marketing/Sales, Premium/rating, Underwriting, Unfair Claim Practice and Other. This quarter, 42% of claims were attributed to unfair claim practices, nearly 10% to Marketing/Sales, 7% to Premium/rating, and 5% to underwriting.


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