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COBRA Premium Subsidy Extension Approved

Posted on 27 Dec 2010

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The COBRA subsidy extension has been signed into action as of Tuesday, December 21. The senate approved the military spending bill on December 19 that extends the subsidy for the unemployed and President Obama signed the bill on Monday, December 20.

The change will extend the nine month, 65 percent premium subsidy by six months, therefore applying to those involuntarily terminated up until February 28, 2010. The legislation also provides another six months of coverage at the subsidized premium rate for those whose nine month subsidy has already run out, for a total of 15 months of premium subsidy.

Those whose subsidy expired in the past and did not pay the full COBRA premium would not be able to receive retroactive coverage. Employers are required to notify current and future COBRA eligible employees of the new premium subsidy extension.