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CA Commissioner Urges San Diegans to Continue Auto Coverage, Options Available to Save Money

Posted on 09 Apr 2009

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California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner is urging San Diego residents to keep their auto insurance coverage and look into an affordable option through the California Low Cost Automobile Insurance (LCA) program as a way of saving money in tough economic times.

"In today's economy, many San Diego drivers are looking for ways to cut their expenses and some are undoubtedly considering eliminating auto insurance," said Commissioner Poizner. "But driving without insurance is illegal and puts all travelers at risk. I urge all San Diego motorists to shop around to find the best auto insurance product to fit their needs. The Low Cost Auto Insurance program is one affordable way for drivers to comply with the law and protect all motorists from potential losses."

Those driving without insurance face having their vehicle registrations suspended by the Department of Motor Vehicles, legislation designed to reduce the risk of economic losses sustained as the result of collisions involving uninsured motorists.

The low-cost auto insurance program provides eligible good drivers with auto liability coverage, currently for under $400 a year and as little as under $300 a year in many counties. In San Diego, an LCA policy costs $265 per year. Since its inception, approximately 45,000 policies have been issued statewide. In San Diego, 856 policies have been issued since the LCA program was made available there in 2006. Program policies are issued by California licensed insurers and the California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan administers the program.

The California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program, is 100 percent unsubsidized by taxpayers. The program is self-sustaining. Rates are set in each county so that premiums are sufficient to cover losses and expenses in each county.