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Aon eSolutions Launches RIScloud, The Next-Generation Cloud Solution Designed and Built for the Risk, Insurance and Safety Community

Posted on 31 Oct 2011

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Aon eSolutions, the technology solutions business of Aon Corporation, today announced the launch of RIScloud, the next-generation community cloud solution for the risk, insurance and safety management community. Aon eSolutions is the original cloud provider to the risk, insurance and safety community; the business took its hosted solutions clients online in 2001.

CEO Kathleen Burns gave clients a sneak peek earlier this month at the 12th Annual Aon eSolutions Experience Conference in Miami. "With all of the noise out there, it is tempting to think that a cloud is a cloud is a cloud," Burns said. "We're seeing that misperception fall away as our clients are introduced to RIScloud."

Whereas other providers outsource key components of their cloud-technology infrastructure, Aon eSolutions fully manages and controls RIScloud. The business invested in a comprehensive end-to-end community cloud solution (as opposed to following the commodity cloud model, for which outsourcing to third parties is foundational). Aon eSolutions took this direction for the purpose of most thoroughly mitigating the inherent exposures faced by its clients in their stewardship of sensitive, highly regulated data.

As a result of this strategic investment, through RIScloud, Aon eSolutions meets the highest security standards specific to the needs of the risk, insurance and safety community; for example, the business is the first and only cloud provider in the risk, insurance and safety management community to provide full data encryption at rest, which means that every client record is encrypted in its entirety—not just selected fields.

"We encourage the community to evaluate its cloud options as rigorously as they would any risk scenario," added Burns.

RIScloud provides unparalleled contractual service level agreements and metrics. These service levels and metrics apply to each stage of the data life cycle and encompass:

• Data hosting
• Transmission
• Application performance
• Data security and privacy
• External certifications
• Regulatory compliance

"With RIScloud, Aon eSolutions alone is fully accountable to our hosted clients, including their compliance needs," said Paul Holden, CIO of Aon eSolutions. "This means we are not only helping our clients meet today's regulations; we are looking ahead to identify regulations on the horizon and implement those standards ahead of time."