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Agents, Brokers Embrace Web-based Workers Comp Educational and Marketing Program

Source: PR Newswire

Posted on 16 Feb 2009

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Despite economic conditions - or maybe because of them - insurance agents, brokers and other professionals are embracing a new web-based service that facilitates workers compensation education and marketing.

While some insurance agents are "hunkering down" through the economic crisis, others realize this is a crucial time to pursue new sales and service opportunities. WorkCompEdge is a site that offers agencies and associations a fresh way to attract prospects and improve delivery of work comp education and cost-saving strategies to employers. The founding Member Agencies of WorkCompEdge include a hospital association and leading agencies at the local, regional and super-regional levels in thirteen states.

"At first, it appeared that we launched WorkCompEdge at a very inopportune time," admits Specific Software Solutions CEO Tim Coomer, speaking of the site's debut only weeks before last fall's economic meltdown. "But we've persisted with our message that WorkCompEdge provides not only proven implementation strategies, but also marketing tools for an agency to attract and retain clients. We applaud these forward-thinking agencies and are enthusiastic about promoting their success with the site."

The agencies, listed on the WorkCompEdge AgentFinder, are incorporating WorkCompEdge strategies and promotional materials into their sales and service processes and are authorized to provide clients with direct access to WorkCompEdge educational modules, videos, analytical tools and more.

All of the founding members also use the company's ModMaster software to compute and analyze the workers compensation mod factor. "WorkCompEdge is a natural extension of ModMaster and the knowledge we've built over the past twenty years," Coomer added.

"WorkCompEdge has a wealth of useful, practical, user-friendly information," said Maureen Gallagher, partner with founding agency Neace Lukens, the nation's 30th largest insurance broker. "After spending many hours navigating the site, I have come away thoroughly impressed." So impressed, in fact, that the well-known commercial insurance broker and consultant is now contributing on a regular basis to the WorkCompEdge blog and wiki.

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Brentwood, Tennessee-based Specific Software Solutions ( and its affiliate, SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group, serve risk management and insurance professionals in companies of all sizes across the nation with software products and casualty actuarial consulting. Founded in 1990, the company is best known for its flagship product ModMaster, which computes and analyzes the workers compensation experience rating modification factor. The company maintains an award-winning blog on workers compensation at