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Agency Specialty Program Network (ASPN) to Close by End of Year

Posted on 09 Dec 2011

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Aon is planning to close down subsidiary Agency Specialty Product Network (ASPN), a specialty brokerage marketing unit, by the end of this year.

An Aon spokesperson, who confirmed ASPN's planned closing, said: "Aon values the long-term relationships developed with local agents and brokers and we remain committed to developing, underwriting and distributing specialty products and services tailored to agent distribution through our Aon Affinity and managing general underwriting businesses."

“We continue to work side-by-side with local agents and brokers to determine how best to serve their product search and distribution needs.”

ASPN provided agents and brokers access to various insurance products, markets and services they might not otherwise have access to. It offered services to clients including carriers, wholesalers, managing general underwriters, and insurance services companies.


Comments subscriber Dec 9 2011 2:26PM Report Abuse
I also would think it's very difficult to manage and run an advertising profit center when part of the cost includes face to face visits to agencies on behalf of your advertisers. In the world of online business when it comes to insurance such as Insurance Noodle and the Trading Floor within programbusiness it does not make sense to pay for such an antiquated services
Paul Neilson Dec 9 2011 10:45AM Report Abuse
They had the right idea it's just that you can't do both… I think you have to remain neutral in the respects of marketing your products and services… The personal lines side of the business has had similar issues with this type of distribution where direct writers wanting to enter the independent agency channel and vice versa. Perhaps trust might be the word… Agents know is not a producer for any carrier so they get the peace of mind that their business is not threatened… just my personal opinion not the viewpoint of ProgramBusiness or it’s ownership.
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