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ACORD Brings Back ACORD 80 Homeowner Application Form

Source: ACORD

Posted on 19 Aug 2009

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In a response to the technological and business needs of its membership, ACORD announced that it will reintroduce its Homeowner Application Form (ACORD 80) this October.

The form was withdrawn from the ACORD Forms Library in October 2008 and replaced for personal residential applications by the ACORD 88: Personal Insurance Application - Applicant Information Section, the ACORD 89: Personal Insurance Application - Residential Section, and their supplements.

However, in light of the technological and business needs of members, ACORD decided to return the ACORD 80 to the forms library. After October 2009, ACORD members can choose to use the ACORD 80 or the ACORD 88 and 89 along with the appropriate supplements.

"ACORD came to this decision after hearing from members that, while they understood and appreciated the versatility of the new forms, they needed to use the ACORD 80 due to their business processes and their systems requirements. Therefore, the ACORD 80 will be back in the library this October," said Ann Henstrand, assistant vice president, Assistant Vice President, Industry & Government Affairs, and Forms Management.

The ACORD 80 is a mono-line form used specifically for homeowners applications. The ACORD 88 and 89 support multiple personal lines such as personal residential, personal auto, personal umbrella, personal inland marine, and personal watercraft.

At present, the ACORD 80 is updated to incorporate all member maintenance requests and all regulatory changes made since its withdrawal in 2008. ACORD members and ACORD Advantage Participants will be notified when the form is released.


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