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Wholesale Brokerage R-T Specialty Purchases Storefront Owner Chartwell Independent Insurance Brokers.

Posted on 03 Aug 10

R-T Specialty LLC, the wholesale brokerage unit of Ryan Specialty Group, LLC, is proud to announce that it has acquired Chartwell Independent Insurance Brokers, LLC.

Chartwell was launched by Ben Beazley in September 2004. Today, it is known as a premier, national wholesale/intermediary organization with expertise in tough-to-place property accounts. In recent years, Chartwell has expanded its operations to include binding authorities and programs that complement its considerable property-casualty capabilities.

Chartwell Managing Director and CEO Ben Beazley says of the acquisition, "Chartwell built its reputation on strong market relationships and anticipating clients' needs. We partner with insurers to fulfill the needs of the agent and broker community, which more and more frequently require a depth of services and a knowledge base that can only be gained through the investment and development of a highly-skilled, experienced, quality team. Patrick Ryan, along with his executive team, has one of the best track records in the industry for developing profitable wholesale and MGU/MGA operations through the prudent use of capital investment and knowing how to develop and invest in talent. This, combined with the successful leadership of Tim Turner, widely regarded as one of the leading wholesale insurance executives in the country, makes R-T Specialty one of the most outstanding wholesale brokers around. By joining forces with RSG/R-T Specialty, the Chartwell team will be able to bring greater services to our clients; RSG/R-T Specialty will benefit from the products and market relationships Chartwell has developed over the years. However, the real beneficiary is the insured who will have the confidence of being serviced by the best in the business."

Tim Turner, President and CEO of R-T Specialty adds, "Chartwell exemplifies R-T Specialty's mission of delivering measurable value to the insurance marketplace. It is a marvelous fit for R-T Specialty and we look forward to working together to provide outstanding service to agents, brokers and their insureds."


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