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What Do I Blog About?

By Annie George

Posted on 27 Jun 12 by Neilson

Many ask what do you write about when blogging, especially if you’re writing every day or every few days or once a week or several times a month. First, as you’ve read many times before, write about things that you know and discuss topics that you feel are relevant to your audience. Second, don’t sell…be sure to inform or entertain. And third, be yourself. Find your voice and go with that.

As insurance agent, you have a lot of topics to write about…because you’re the one person (with a staff of people) who are involved in some way in almost every aspect of someone’s life or with someone’s business. You are there for every milestone – from the first car purchase to a teenager getting behind a wheel, to the family home, retirement and downsizing, etc. Individuals and businesses depend on you to protect them against loss – whether it involves an accident or injury, property damage, or liability that threatens their assets. And every day there is something happening in the news from which you can cull and then provide your insight into – issues that people are interested in, written in a way that they will understand.

Like what?, you may ask. Just in the last few weeks, there has been a lot of discussion on the impact of distracted driving by individuals and on businesses. You can review what’s being discussed in the news, what your individual state is doing about distracted driving and the ramifications that using a cell phone, etc. has in terms of increased injuries and death rates. In the case of businesses, discuss the increased exposures employers are facing when  employees use a mobile phone to take calls or text for business purposes. Another high-profile issue is cyber security. Just last week more than 6 million LinkedIn passwords (that’s what we know so far) were compromised. Talk about cyber security for your business clients – and relate it to things they will get.

D&O is another hot topic with the new JOBS Act and the potential impact on start-ups. EPLI is making headlines with a spike in wage-and-hour-disputes in the workplace. Take these topics and write about them…

Just some food for thought when you’re thinking about taking that step to blog.