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What Digital Skill Sets Do You Look for When Hiring?

By Annie George

Posted on 08 May 13 by Annie George

I recently read an article on the digital skills college graduates should have under their belt when getting ready to look for a position in the job market. Some of the skills made sense for everyone to have while others can really bring added value to an employer, particularly in helping out in areas that go beyond the basic job description. Following is a list of some of these skills and how they can come in handy in your agency when looking for new hires:

Knowing the basic ins and outs of Photoshop: Once the domain of graphic designers, knowing how to use Photoshop and being able to do some photo editing is a benefit for any agency. An individual who knows how to use Photoshop can create a quick company ad or email blast, enhance prospect proposals with photos and other images along with creative typefaces, work on a logo/flier for a charity event, etc. This person isn’t replacing your marketing or advertising agency, but when you need something fast and you have someone in-house that can quickly create something in Photoshop, you’ll save time and money. Plus, it’s creative and the individual will enjoy having the opportunity to step outside his or her everyday duties.  

Having basic video editing skills with Final Cut Pro. Having an employee who knows how to put together short videos for you to promote your agency or to market a specific new product on-line on your website and on your social media channels (including YouTube) can also come in handy. This adds another dimension to what you can create from a marketing standpoint in-house.

Being able to create online content with HTML and Basic Coding. This doesn’t mean looking for this individual to create your website. But if you have someone on staff that knows the fundamentals of HTML, they can add content to your site.

Working knowledge of website programs (Wordpress) and setting up domains. If you don’t have a full-time IT person on staff, it’s helpful to have an individual who understands the basic principles behind setting up a website, purchasing a domain, etc. At the very least, this person can liaison with the company you use to develop and maintain your site. Even if you already have a website, with technology advances (like mobile), you’ll looking to enhance your capabilities to deliver your message across various platforms. Having someone on staff that can help with this will facilitate the process.

Using Google Drive and Microsoft Office. As obvious as this is, it’s on the list of skills to have. Google Drive includes docs, spreadsheets and forms, and it’s easy to collaborate with other users at the same time. Slideshow presentations still haven't gone out of style, so an individual should be able to effectively use Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Presentations.

Of course, those coming out of college will have their own social media presence – on Facebook, LinkedIn (you may have even found them via LinkedIn), Twitter, Instagram, etc. They can help you with your agency’s branding across social media platforms. Capitalize on this, but be sure you have the appropriate guidelines and monitoring in place as to what can and cannot be posted on a company’s social media platform.


Source: Mashable


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