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WIP Wins with Product Recall Expense Coverage

Posted on 20 May 09

WIP® Program’s “Product Recall Expense” coverage is a big win with many Distributor classes and WIP Select Agents. Distributors are reselling many products, which present them with significant risk of being involved in a “Product Recall”. Whether selling Medical Supplies, Food, Ball Bearings, or Pumps, Distributors are at risk of recall. Without “Product Recall Expense” coverage in their General Liability policies they may suffer significant non-reimbursable expenses in the event of a government or manufacturer recall.

American Wholesalers Underwriting Ltd. (“AWUL”) through its WIP® programs includes “Product Recall Expense Coverage” for distributors. Agents report that this coverage makes closing new accounts easier.

Coverages and Limits and full WIP® Program descriptions may be viewed on Agency submissions may be sent to AWUL from AMS TransACT Now® users directly or via agent log-on at

“Today’s global stream of commerce, difficult domestic markets, governmental interventions, and manufacturer error present the distributor with exposures to risk like never before. The exposure and occurrence of a government mandated or manufacturer recall is very real. ‘Product Recall Expense’ coverage is simply an excellent risk management tool that distributors need. WIP® covers these exposures.” said Bob Clay, AWUL Director of Business Development.

American Wholesalers Underwriting, Ltd. is an experienced program underwriter and technology leader. Through its “WIP® Select Agency” system, AWUL has served retail insurance agencies nationally for over 14 years with over 50 WIP® Programs including “Mono-Line Fleet Auto”

For more information about AWUL and its WIP® programs, and for information about becoming a “WIP® Select Agency”, please phone Mike Mehok or Patty Taft at 203.322.6924 or email at the WIP® internet desk.