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WHITE PAPER: Telemarketing As Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Posted on 11 May 11

Jeff Neilson, president of Neilson Marketing Services and recently wrote a white paper on the re-emergence of telemarketing as a critical component of an integrated marketing strategy. In the white paper, “Telemarketing As Part of Your Marketing Strategy,” Jeff provides an overview of telemarketing – its beginnings, contribution to the economy, impact as services moved off-shore, and how an increasing number of national insurance brokers, agencies, Managing General Agencies, Program Administrators, carriers and vendors today are turning to telemarketing as part of their strategy that includes direct mail, Internet Marketing, and drip marketing to target niche markets.

“Telemarketing as a lead generation and sale revenue source can be used either on its own, as has traditionally been done, or as part of an overall integrated marketing plan,” writes Jeff. “As ‘SEO’ search engine optimization, ad words and Internet marketing launches are increasingly used to sell products and generate leads, telemarketing plays a key role as complementary piece to the overall marketing campaign. Insurance carriers, wholesalers, agencies and vendors, for example, are now using professional Internet marketing firms to produce properly structured websites that are targeting specific industries in a geographic area being indexed and optimized by all the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.”

In the article you’ll also find out why telemarketing is effective, how to get started, and how to proceed after you’ve done the groundwork.

“Salespeople in every industry, including insurance, are inherently drawn to low hanging fruit and are understandably disenchanted by the notion of having to follow up with someone who has failed to answer or return their calls the first, second, third, or fourth time that they have attempted to call. However, telemarketers are NOT salespeople, at least not yet. Telemarketers will dial all day every day with little interruption and this means that they are an excellent resource for following up on cold, lukewarm, and warm leads that salespeople might fail to pursue...,” wrote Jeff.

Find out more about how telemarketing can contribute to your organization’s sales and marketing strategy by downloading the article. Click on the white paper graphic above.