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Vertafore's WorkSmart Helps Your Agency Operate in Top Form, Empowers Staff to Be the Best They Can Be

Posted on 01 Dec 10

In March of this year, Vertafore, Inc., a leading provider of software and information to the insurance industry, launched WorkSmartTM, a content management and workflow solution designed to help agencies increase their capacity and gain unprecedented insight into their operations. We spoke with Steven Finch, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions for Vertafore, about the company’s latest solution and the benefits agencies gain with WorkSmart. Steven has been with Vertafore for 20 years, and has spent his entire career focusing on delivering technology solutions to the independent insurance agency market.

“Vertafore provides high-quality agency management systems and has a mature and happy user base,” said Steven. “Our goal is to continue to provide solutions that solve the challenges that our customer base faces and help them operate a successful business. WorkSmart does that in marrying the best in imaging and content management with the data in your agency management system.”

Powered by ImageRight, WorkSmart provides insight into an agency’s operations, reduces process steps and ensures maximum efficiency through streamlined workload management. “WorkSmart gives you a clear picture of the work your staff is doing, who is doing what, and helps you get workflow under control,” said Steven. “You’re able to see the bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and delays in the various processes involved in your operation, such as endorsements, renewals, certificate issuance, and reduce the number of steps it takes to get things done. For example, an agent can tell how many endorsements are being completed and the number of steps involved to submit each endorsement. With WorkSmart, endorsement processing can be reduced from 19 steps to six.”

WorkSmart helps you centralize processes, balance workflow, increase staff capacity, and get your producers spending more time selling and your customer-facing employees better servicing customers and cross-selling. “WorkSmart gets the right people doing the right task,” said Steven. “We all know everyone is busy, but is each individual performing what he/she should be? WorkSmart routes activities to ensure that the right person is working on the right task at the right time every step of the way.” WorkSmart has been met with tremendous success among the agency community that has integrated the tools into their operations. Janet Cochrane, COO of the Renaissance Group, said “We grew 25% without adding staff to our billing and accounting placement teams, two areas where we applied AMS360 integration with Vertafore WorkSmart workflows.”

CEO and President Kim Ayala of Landscape Contractors Insurance Services, said, “We like the fact that WorkSmart ties in with our management system, so we could open our client there. We could also set up all our files consistently – with a workflow that allowed multiple people to have access to and be working on the same file simultaneously…. Since Vertafore WorkSmart, we’ve eliminated 30 lateral files – we literally held drawings to give the filing cabinets away.”

The WorkSmart software is licensed, and included within the tools are Best Practice workflow templates that can be customized by an agency. Additionally, Vertafore makes available implementation support that is tailored to the size and location of the agency.

To learn more about WorkSmart and the benefits it will provide to your agency, contact Vertafore at 1.800.444.4813. Also visit:

About Vertafore

Vertafore is the leading provider of software and information to the insurance distribution channel including independent agents, brokers, MGAs, carriers and reinsurers. Vertafore leverages a unique industry presence to deliver meaningful solutions -- powerful technology, critical information and robust insights to help organizations effectively respond to business challenges and capture new opportunities. Vertafore solutions have helped more than 17,000 customers and 500,000 users gain a competitive advantage to accelerate their business performance. For more information about Vertafore, please visit