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Vertafore’s Innovation, Collaboration, and Forward-Thinking Deliver Powerful Solutions to Insurance Distribution Channel

Featuring Bill Bunker, President, Agency Markets, Vertafore

Posted on 19 Aug 09

In this issue, we are featuring one of our Storefront vendors, Vertafore, which was founded in 1986, and is a leading provider of software, services, and information to the insurance distribution channel including independent agents, brokers, MGAs, carriers and reinsurers. Vertafore has more than 1,100 employees including 300 in development and close to 400 in professional services and support helping to provide a superior customer experience.

Vertafore solutions have helped more than 15,000 customers and 500,000 users gain a competitive advantage to accelerate their business performance. Vertafore offers several solutions in the following areas: agency management systems, rating and connectivity, information solutions, content management and workflow and producer lifecycle management. Vertafore leverages a unique industry presence to deliver meaningful solutions -- powerful technology, critical information and robust insights -- to help organizations effectively respond to business challenges and capture new opportunities.

We spoke with Bill Bunker, President of Agency Markets at Vertafore, about the company, its culture, and the solutions it provides to the insurance industry.

“Vertafore is the only company that provides a connected set of solutions that work together to help our customers get the most out of their businesses,” says Bill. “Our promise to customers is to provide a clear path to competitive advantage and growth, helping them unleash the full potential of their business.”

Bill explains that Vertafore’s culture is defined by the following key attributes:

“Because we operate across the entire insurance distribution chain, we can help customers identify and respond to trends and opportunities in the insurance industry, no matter where they happen.”

“We strive to actively create business value for customers through close cooperation between ourselves and our customers, our customers and their clients, our customers and each other.”

“We’re progressive and proactive, enhancing our customers’ ability to stretch and accomplish more in their business. Our customers can rely on us to address their future needs.”

Vertafore provides a myriad of solutions for the insurance industry, including the following:

Agency Management Solutions

“Our agency management systems provide a way to streamline quoting, rating and submission procedures, so you can be more productive and more profitable in every aspect of your work. We recognize that not all P&C retail agents are the same, so we offer a variety of solutions based on your needs,” says Bill. Vertafore management systems include: AMS 360, Sagitta, InStar, Prime, BenefitPoint, and AIM. You can find out more about each individual solution at

Content Management and Workflow

Vertafore also offers content management and workflow solutions. Vertafore’s content management solution measures and reports on processes, productivity and progress of particular tasks. The solution also facilitates straight-through processing by automating the transfer of insurance transactions, documents, and data to TPAs, MGAs, carriers, or agents. The workflow service binds a task or multiple tasks to content within its system, delivers tasks to authorized users based on a wide range of security and business rule-based parameters, and moves these tasks through workflows designed to replicate an insurance organization's business processes. Vertafore offers two solutions depending on the complexity of your needs, including ImageRight and CBDDoc.

Comparative Rating and Connectivity Solutions

Vertafore provides several comparative rating and connectivity solutions, making it easy and cost-effective for agents and carriers to connect and conduct business. “Connectivity Services allows agents to connect directly to carrier systems to perform endorsement, quoting, inquiry, submission and other transactions,” says Bill. “The Vertafore comparative rating solution, PL Rating, provides agents and CSRs with a single intuitive workflow. Agents avoid repeatedly entering the same data in individual carrier web sites, thus reducing errors, saving time and writing new business more efficiently.” Solutions include: TransactNOW, PL Rating, and Downloads—Personal Lines, Commercial Lines and Direct Bill Commission Statement.

Information Solutions

Vertafore’s information solutions provide a new level of information access by giving agencies the ability to customize departmental libraries based on their specific needs and business focus. ReferenceConnect, the next generation of Sage, has a revolutionary search feature that is optimized to provide more relevant content. Combined with new innovative navigation, users can access the right content quickly and efficiently. Producer Plus helps agents sell and retain commercial accounts. Vertafore also offers self-service P&C and Benefits and HR communications portals as an economical and efficient way to raise the value of agency services and enable agencies to act as a trusted professional adviser. Solutions include: ReferenceConnect, Producer Plus, and ClientConnect.

Producer Lifecycle Management Solutions

Vertafore delivers producer lifecycle management solutions to insurance carriers, agencies and brokers, individual agents, state regulators, and continuing education providers. “The platform was developed to make the daily tasks of ensuring up-to-date licensing and renewals easier for agency staff,” says Bill. “Regardless of customer size, the producer lifecycle management solution simplifies communication with state departments of insurance, CE providers, agency producers, and the carriers whose products they sell.” Solutions include: Compliance Express, Producer Express, Producer Manager, and SirconEDGE.

Policy Administration and Billing

“In today’s insurance environment, market and regulatory forces demand that carriers support increasingly sophisticated billing needs such as ACH/EFT electronic payments, advanced and flexible bill plan options and automated electronic and/or hardcopy notices,” explains Bill. “At the same time, there is pressure to reduce expenses and streamline operations by consolidating multiple billing systems. Vertafore effectively addresses these challenges by providing carriers with billing solutions that leverage the latest technologies.” Solutions include: PremiumBill and Phoenix.

When discussing what distinguishes Vertafore’s solutions/products, Bill emphasizes the breadth of the company solutions. “Because Vertafore offers the most comprehensive set of products and solutions in the industry across the entire independent insurance distribution chain including agents and brokers, carriers, and MGAs, customers are able to become more efficient and grow revenues with interconnected solutions from one company.

“Additionally, Vertafore leads the independent insurance industry in innovation and technology, which results in a number of benefits to customers. For example, a majority of customers use Vertafore online solutions, enjoying a lower up-front investment and greater peace of mind. Also, with more than 1.2 million real-time agent-carrier transactions each month and 338 connections to carriers and MGAs, Vertafore has the largest and fastest growing connectivity offering in the industry.”

“And last but not least, Vertafore has provided proven products for more than 40 years, so customers can rest assured that they are working with a stable company that will grow with them.”

For more information about Vertafore, please call 800.444.4813 or visit the company Storefront, and