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Travelers Provides Access to Online Training for Local Governments and School Districts

Posted on 17 Jul 11

Travelers today announced a new benefit for Public Sector customers, including local governments and school districts, to provide access to affordable online learning through LocalGovU and SchoolDistrictU, a third party training resource. This new offering for policyholders comes at a time when there is a need for additional training resources in the marketplace that can reach a wide audience of supervisors, managers and front-line employees and help public entities meet their ongoing training requirements.

Travelers customers receive a 15 percent discount on the cost of training while making them eligible for volume discounts, when applicable.

The web-based courses focus on training staff about important risk management issues that are currently impacting public entities. This new service adds an additional 250 e-learning courses that Travelers Public Sector customers can access through the Risk Control Customer Portal.

"A number of issues face today's local governments and school districts and these training programs effectively give workers the tools that help them avoid risks and potential problems in the workplace," said Don Leonard, National Director of Public Sector Risk Control. "At Travelers, we focus on creating awareness of risks and helping customers understand and manage them."

LocalGovU and SchoolDistrictU's training courses include subject matter in safety and environmental, law enforcement, human resources, corrections training, health, and management, among others.

In addition to the wide-ranging training curriculum, LocalGovU and SchoolDistrictU also provide a learning management system with tracking and reporting capabilities. The learning management system makes it easy for administrators to track training progress and ensure that employees are meeting their annual training requirements.

By logging into the Risk Control Customer Portal, customers will be able to establish a training account as well as access more than 1,500 resources and risk management tools designed to help them in their everyday safety and loss prevention efforts.