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Top Benefit Consultants Present Health Insurance Trends for 2013

Posted on 25 Jul 12 by Annie George

Atlantic Information Services, Inc., publisher of Health Plan Week and AIS's Health Reform Week, is pleased to announce its July 31 webinar, 2013 Plan Design: What Benefit-Design Changes Will Health Plans and Employers Make?

Large employers and health insurers are now modifying existing health insurance offerings and designing new ones in time for this fall’s open enrollment. While increased cost sharing will remain a popular option for many, some employers are aggressively adopting new strategies, including defined contribution, accountable care and next-generation wellness programs. They also are looking ahead to 2014 and eyeing possible benefit-design changes to comply with reform law mandates. A wide range of interesting new plan designs is under development.

During the webinar, Alexander "Sander" Domaszewicz from Mercer Health & Benefits Services, Erich Blumberg from Lockton Dunning Benefits Co. and Todd Van Tol from Oliver Wyman will discuss which new designs will be rolled out in the fall. During a lively 60-minute roundtable discussion, followed by 30 minutes devoted to individual questions, participants will get inside information on these and other key questions:

• Defined contribution: How can employers and insurers avoid pitfalls in adopting defined-contribution platforms, particularly as they bring in retiree populations?
• Accountable care: How are products being integrated into alternative networks and provider-partnership models?
• Pay or play: How will employers respond to the “million dollar question” of whether to provide benefits covering at least 60% of medical costs or pay a penalty?
• Private exchanges: What lessons can be learned from the pioneers that have begun offering benefits through private exchanges?
• Next-generation wellness strategies: How are employers and insurers rolling out mobile apps, prevention-focused games, social-media communities and other strategies?
• Cost sharing: What yardsticks will employers use to determine when additional increases in deductibles and copayments will alienate their work forces?
• Ancillary benefits: As core health insurance products are more highly regulated, health insurers and brokers are investing in other benefits such as dental and vision. With such products contributing more to the bottom lines of insurers and brokers, what does it mean for employers?
• Account-based health plans: More than half of employers now offer an account-based option, but how effective are they in reducing coverage costs?

Visit for more details and registration information.

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