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Thompkins Is Where You Have Masons Serving Masons

Featuring Ted Zeller, Chief Operating Officer, Thompkins Masonic Insurance Program and

Posted on 07 Jul 09

We’re pleased to introduce one of our most recent Storefronts, Thompkins Masonic Insurance Program, based in Oakland, California. Thompkins is a full-service Property/Liability program facility and brokerage, specializing in coverage customized for the Masonic fraternity. Licensed in 50 states, Thompkins has been serving the Masonic family for more than 50 years, and in 2007 was purchased by Haake Insurance Company, a respected independent broker based in Overland Park, Kansas. We spoke with Ted Zeller, COO of Thompkins, and Tom Klug, Managing Director of Haake.

Thompkins began its rich history and commitment to serving the Masonic community in California in the 1950s, and eventually went national with a comprehensive program that provides coverage for: Shrine Temples, Grand Lodges, including State Master Programs, Blue Lodges, Scottish Rite, York Rite, Order of the Eastern Star, Job’s Daughters, Demolay, and other Masonic Affiliates. Today, Thompkins has a staff of 11 to provide underwriting expertise, claims servicing, policy issuance, and customer support for this highly specialized niche. It also has the support and resources of corporate parent Haake, which has provided additional financial capability and infrastructure capacity.

“We are the only program dedicated to the Masonic sector that has such an extensive history,” says COO Ted Zeller. “It takes a high degree of specialization and a knowledgeable staff to address and meet the needs of this industry. With this knowledge, we have created special insurance products and services to meet the Masonic family’s unique needs.”

Ted goes on to say that with Thompkins, “we are Masons serving Masons, Masons helping Masons. We understand their needs because we are a part of the community.”

When discussing some of the various insurance differentiators in the Masonic community, Haake Managing Director Tom Klug provides a few examples. “The Property coverage is unique in that some of the buildings are extremely ornate and run into the millions of dollars. The paraphernalia requirements are extensive. There are special liability and operational issues when it comes to activities and special events held, such as parades and rodeos, for example,” says Tom.

“When it comes to competition, there is really no other program specifically and wholly dedicated to Masonic insurance needs. You may see some ‘one off’ competitive offerings, but they are not Masonic-specific,” says Tom.

Coverages include: Property, Inland Marine, Crime, Boiler and Machinery, General Liability, Auto, Umbrella Liability, and Special events and other items, customized as needed.

Ted also underscores that Thompkins is continuously looking to enhance the program while maintaining the high quality of what it does. “Our history is indicative of our commitment, knowledge, performance, and innovation,” says Ted.

“When we [Haake] acquired Thompkins,” says Tom, “their focus didn’t change. We only want to help enhance the programs they provide. The Thompkins name is everything in the industry, the name and the history behind it. We want to continue to focus on the success on which the Thompkins’ brand is based.”

As stated, an integral part of Thompkins’ expertise is its participation in the community, in its Masonic ties. “We attend regular gatherings,” says Ted. “We attend the Annual Imperial Session, dedicated to maintaining Shriners hospitals across the country. We maintain contact with key industry people and speak with them on a regular basis. Our presence in the Masonic community is significant, which is an added value to insurance retailers and to the organizations themselves.”

Thompkins recently became a part of the community in order to broaden its reach to the retail distributors, and to help market its expertise and exclusive program in the Masonic industry. “Most agents who have been providing coverage to the Masonic family, look to us for expertise….ProgramBusiness allows us to widen our distribution channel,” he says.

To find out more about Thompkins, please visit the company Storefront, or its website at: You can also contact Ted at: (510) 613-8005 , or via email at: