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The ProgramBusiness Insurance Success Contest Winner is RISC

…And the iPad Goes to Shawn Fabors, Chief Sales Officer, RISC

Posted on 03 Aug 10

Over the last several months we have received entries for our Insurance Success Contest in which agencies, wholesalers, MGAs, MGUs, Program Administrators, insurers submitted stories on how they met a specific challenge and/or goal using any one of’s or NMSDATA’s [now Nielson Marketing Services] programs and services. There were quite a few impressive success stories, beginning with the winner, RISC, a Dallas-based MGA and Surplus Lines Broker specializing in providing dependable markets, competitive rates and creative solutions to independent agents to meet the challenge of every risk. Congratulations!

Top contest contenders include: Adam Weber, President, Irving Weber Associates, Mike Smith, President, Axis Insurance Services; Jordan Coggin, Inside Sales Manager, Greenhalgh Insurance Agency; and Linda Caswell, Vice President, Property/Casualty Division, Aviation Insurance Services of Nevada, Inc.

RISC Chief Sales Officer Shawn Fabors shared with us how the Storefront, Trading Floor, and Email campaigns with, along with newsletter features and notices (here and in the Daily NewsFlash), helped to expand the Program Administrator’s footprint.
Here is the RISC success story:

Founded in 1966, RISC, had one location in Dallas, Texas, with an historical footprint that resided in its five-state geographical region. But over the years its programs became national in scope, and although RISC has an interactive website, it was looking for an Internet Marketing strategy to expand its agency reach as well as build name/brand recognition. “My vision was to partner with a firm that could not only expand our footprint across the United States to new retail agents (as well as implement a wholesale strategy – to allow other wholesalers access to our programs), but to also create brand awareness through effective Internet Marketing,” says Shawn. “Considering the economic environment, insurance marketplace, and expenses being closely monitored, this approach was the most efficient and cost-effective solution to drive new sales and organic growth.

“After conducting extensive research of companies offering similar marketing capabilities, we decided to partner with In conducting our research, we felt that was the best solution due to its multi-faceted marketing approach to driving new sales. Its database of potential customers far exceeded that of its competitors for Email blasts, and its product offering was also much broader through its Storefront capabilities and Trading Floor submission platform. The bottom line: drives business to its customers. It has become one of the BEST resources for agents across the country when searching for any and all types of insurance programs.”

Shawn also shared with us that establishing a Storefront was very simple and thorough. “Our sales rep, Robert Ruddell, was extremely helpful throughout the set-up process as well as through the entire tenure we've been partnering with ProgramBusiness,” says Shawn. “He has always made himself available to assist with either the newsletters, Email blasts, as well as helping us manage our Storefront. He has been critical to us in utilizing to its fullest potential.”

The results paid off for RISC: “2009 was a perfect storm for the insurance industry as well as RISC,” as Shawn explains. “We had to move various programs from carriers mid-year and, coupled with the insurance marketplace and economic downturn, our program revenue was down by year-end. This is where helped us stay in front of agents and lay the groundwork necessary for our new markets so that we could strike success in 2010.”

Thanks to, RISC has:

• Achieved 29% organic growth in programs, year-to-date through May
• Increased the number of contracted agents outside of its historical footprint by 100
• Experienced a 40% jump from prior year in online traffic directed to its website
• Received a 200% jump in the number of submissions

“We've also conducted several webinars throughout the year utilizing's email blast program and the Insurance Unplugged newsletter to promote them,” says Shawn. “We were expecting 100 participants in the webinar, but with the assistance of we were able to reach 250! This is how a brand is driving new sales/revenue.

“ not only helped us survive in a tough environment, but helped us grow.”

Kudos to Shawn and the RISC team from all of us for its success from The iPad is on its way!