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The Mines Press: A History of Tapping Into Sales & Marketing Needs of the Independent Insurance Agency

Featuring Steven Mines, President, The Mines Press

Posted on 16 Dec 10

When Samuel Mines founded The Mines Press in 1933 his goal was to provide local businesses in New York City with general commercial printing services. By the 1950s he and his sons, Marty, Bernie, and Daniel, tapped into a niche driven by the needs of the independent insurance agency, and established a name in providing a product line specific to this sector that is second to none. Over the years, Samuel’s daughters and grandchildren also joined the family owned business and helped to expand it as new technology and marketing platforms emerged, keeping in step with the needs of the independent insurance agency with an array of print and digital products.

Located in Cortlandt Manor, New York, about 60 miles north of Manhattan, today The Mines Press has 120 employees and a facility that includes 12,000 square feet of office space and 100,000 square feet of production and warehouse space. We spoke to Steven Mines, President of The Mines Press, about the company’s key products and services.

“Since the 1950s when we began concentrating on serving independent insurance agents and creating products centered around their sales and marketing needs, we have grown and continue to grow,” said Steven. “There was a time before the computer when nearly every agency used us for printed forms. Then in the1980s and ‘90s we continued our deep agency market penetration in providing computer forms with the advent of agency marketing systems. Today we continue to provide not only our best-sellers, such as calendars and Auto Insurance Card Holders, but we also offer presentation folders, marketing brochures, holiday cards, printed and online customizable newsletters, Personal Lines postcards for cross-selling and nurture marketing, and a wide selection of promotional products.”

Presentation Folders

The Mines Press, Inc
. has manufactured millions of presentation folders for thousands of agencies all across the country over the years. There are a number of presentation folders from which agencies can choose to reflect their brands and professionalism when prospecting. Everything from classic folders on coated or linen stock to foil-stamped logos on elegant top-quality paper to full-color, professionally designed presentations are available. “At the tradeshows we attended, agents were raving about the presentation folders we used to market our own products,” said Steven. “We saw this as an opportunity to offer a full product line of folders that would help agencies convey their professionalism to prospects and clients. Today the most popular folders are our foiled stamp on dark-colored linens and four-color folders. They’re used primarily to make presentations to Commercial Lines accounts, and serve as “leave-behinds” for them as well as for high-value Personal Lines accounts.”


For nearly ten years, The Mines Press has been producing several distinct newsletters for the industry: Personal Perspective, Business to Business, Professional Insurance, Employee Benefits, Construction, and Workers Compensation. Published bi-monthly, each newsletter is written and edited by industry professionals, some of who write for the major insurance publications. Each is personalized with the agency’s logo, name, and address, and also offers the option of further customizing the entire look and feel of the publication with the agency brand. An agency can also choose to replace article(s) with one(s) they have written. What’s more, an agency has the opportunity to preview the newsletter edition and can choose to opt-out of an issue. The newsletters are available in print and online versions.

“We do a great deal of newsletter business,” said Steven, with the printed version still being the most popular, although the email edition is gaining a lot of traction. Putting together a newsletter is time-consuming for an agency. They may decide to give it a go in-house, but then realize that it takes commitment. We make it easy for them, and it makes sense for any size agency. You can purchase 50 copies or 10,000-15,000 copies, it runs the gamut.”


Postcards for Personal Lines are another big seller for The Mines Press. “Since businesses aren’t permitted to call an individual’s home to market products, agents needed an effective way to prospect to potential Personal Lines clients,” said Steven. “The postcard is a way of getting the agent’s phone ringing. We have produced 80 cards pre-written for specific markets. The messaging and theme of the cards were designed and written based on feedback we received from surveys and focus groups, and pre-testing we conducted with agents, to ensure that we were creating what they wanted and needed.”

Some of the postcard topics include: home office coverage, new teen driver, added-value coverage, recreational vehicle insurance, identity theft, and so on. The cards are customizable both front and back with the agents name/logo as well as the prospect’s name. “Postcard marketing is a proven method for attracting new prospects and cross-selling additional coverage to your insureds,” said Steven.

The Mines Press offers a wide range of products for the independent insurance agent. The company sells more calendars to the industry than another provider, and between 10-15 million Auto Insurance Card Holders annually. As the leading provider of printed products for agents, The Mines Press has established itself not only as a quality resource for insurance sales, marketing, and promotional materials, but also as an innovator in meeting the changing needs of the industry.

To take a look at The Mines Press complete portfolio of products, please visit:; you can also call the Sales Department for specific information at: 1.800.447.6788.