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Team Eidyia Provides Marketing Support to Brokers

Posted on 21 Sep 10

Eidyia Insurance Services, a wholesale brokerage specializing in environmental cover, has created a series of brochures on its programs to help brokers in their marketing campaigns. Eidyia offers editable flyers and brochures in pdf format that can be customized with your company's contact information.

There are a number of brochures and fliers available for the various markets in which Eidyia offers programs, including:

• Demolition Contractors Liability
• Environmental/Remediation Contractor Programs
• Environmental Risks (all coverages under one carrier)
• Painters Pollution coverage
• Fire & Water Restoration Program
• Biodiesel Alternative Fuel Program
• Contractors Pollution Coverage
• Hazardous Haulers Program
• Waste Haulers
• Landfill Programs
• Underground Storage Tank Program
• Environmental Consultants Program

For a complete look at the gallery of marketing material available to you from Eidyia, visit:


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