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Supportive Insurance Services: Your Source for Agent, Agency and Adjuster Non-Resident Licensing Expertise and Efficiency

Featuring Barb Donnar, President & CEO

Posted on 10 Apr 13 by Annie George

This week in Backstory, we’re featuring storefront Supportive Insurance Services, LLC, a firm that provides licensing services to agents, agencies and insurance companies, including surplus lines brokers and adjusters, throughout the country. We spoke with Barb Donnar, President and CEO of Supportive Insurance Services, about what makes the company’s services so exceptional.

Barb founded Supportive Insurance Services, based in Southern Indiana, in 2000 after working for 18 years for Golden Rule Insurance Company, where she managed the life and health insurer’s licensing and commission areas. Her background with Golden Rule made the transition into agency licensing easy, and 13 years later she and her staff have managed the licensing needs of thousands of agents and adjusters and hundreds of agencies and organizations of all sizes throughout the U.S.

“We help agent, agencies, and adjusters obtain and maintain their non-resident licenses,” said Barb. “It’s something that needs to be done. If you’re the exclusive agent for a particular product for a carrier, for example, you need to be licensed in every state where the product will be sold. You not only have to obtain a non-resident license on each individual who is selling the product but also for the agency. Or, if your organization has a call center with potential clients from all over the country calling into your agency, you have to ensure that the individuals speaking to prospects are properly licensed in the states where the potential clients are located.

“This is time-consuming and involves a lot of paperwork. Agents don’t want their staff spending time on licensing; they want them focused on selling or servicing. What’s more, no one’s specialty in the agency is in licensing. There are many details and applications to complete, with different requirements for each state, of which they need to be aware. We know this work, it’s what we do. We’ll make sure you obtain the licenses you need and that you’re in compliance. It’s the perfect type of work to outsource to make sure it’s done right. We have the expertise to do it and to do it expediently.”

With Supportive Insurance Services, Barb explained, all an agency, agent or adjuster has to do is fill out the data needed for Supportive to complete the necessary applications and processes. They will make sure all supporting documentation is included, if needed, and send the information on-line or via mail, depending on each state’s protocol.

Supportive Insurance Services also offers a licensing management and maintenance service. “Licenses will expire, and they will do so at different times. Depending on the state, some will expire annually, some every two or three years while others are perpetual. You need someone to keep track of all of this. We offer a license maintenance program whereby each license is tracked and automatically renewed and paid. We know when each license will expire, the paperwork each state requires, and which can be completed on-line. We’ll take care of it all,” said Barb.

In addition, if an agency moves or there is a change of officers at the organization, each state must receive notification. Supportive Insurance Services will take care of this as part of its maintenance program. “It’s not just about obtaining the license and you’re done. There is a great deal of post-issuance work that needs to be completed. With our maintenance program, once you outsource the work with us, you don’t have to worry about it,” said Barb.

When asked what distinguishes Supportive Insurance Services from others, there are a number of key differentiators, including the company’s unparalleled experience in the industry. “We have 22 employees with an average of 20 years each of insurance and licensing experience. Their knowledge base can’t be surpassed. We hire people who understand the basic concepts of what we do as they have done similar work.”

Another key differentiator is that Supportive Insurance Services doesn’t conduct their business on a transactional basis. “We charge one annual fee to manage all of your licenses and bill on a monthly basis,” said Barb. “Other companies charge per transaction – per license, per change, etc.  With us, you know what you will be paying each month so you can budget for it.”

For more information about Supportive Insurance Services and its services, please contact Jeff Brinkmann, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, at 317.257.5734; or via email at: Also, you can visit the company’s website at