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Succeed’s Web-Based Risk Management Center Provides Agencies with Increased Revenue Opportunities, Added Value in Customer Relations

Posted on 04 May 10

Succeed Management Solutions was founded fourteen years ago by Curt Shaw, a loss control and risk management professional whose career focus has been in developing behavioral-based safety tools and programs for companies to lower insurance costs. Today, Oregon-based Succeed provides insurance agency partners with a unique, fully branded web-based safety and risk management and mitigation program and service to offer to their clients. Known as the Risk Management Center (RMC), this platform provides agencies, insurers, TPAs, risk retention groups, etc. with a resource to differentiate themselves during the sales and marketing process and to deepen customer relations with existing clients.

We spoke with Slade Crooks, VP of Sales, about the RMC and the various resources it provides. “The platform is designed to help the end-client – the employer – in safety practices, loss control, and risk management,” says Slade. “Once the client begins to use the platform and its tools, he comes to rely on them and sees the benefits in doing so. This creates a reliance on the partner that is providing the RMC under its brand. This becomes a huge differentiator for our partner to not only win new business, but it serves as an exit barrier in preventing clients from looking for insurance services elsewhere. It moves away from competing on price and puts the focus on added value and service.”

Succeed’s name doesn’t appear anywhere on the platform, it is a brander to its partner, providing them with a private-labeled resource to offer to their clients. “We work behind the scenes to support our partner,” says Slade. “The agency licenses the program annually on a flat-fee basis, customizes it with their partners’ name and logo, and can provide it to an unlimited number of their clients. The agency can choose to provide its clients with the platform for free or charge a fee per client. It’s completely up to them.” For smaller agencies or individual producers within an agency, there is a pricing model that allows for individual client access on an a la carte basis. “Our pricing structure is designed to meet the varied needs and sizes of our partners, so they can decide which option fits best with their business model,” says Slade.

The RMC is comprised of three parts:

1. The Bilingual Risk Management Library: Contains about 1,500 documents, including policies and procedures; training shorts, workplace safety posters, quizzes and checklists – all available for customization by the agent or end-client. There is a Weekly Tool Box perfect for safety meetings and links to outside governmental websites and other resources clients may use.

“Agencies also have a space to populate with their own unique documents and content to share with clients,” says Slade. “Additionally, clients have a space called My Content, whereby they can access documents from both our library and the agency’s library and add their own materials to create a specific and unique library for their business.”

2. HR and Benefits Library: Contains the same types of materials as listed above that are related to human resources and benefits and employee issues. Has over 10,000 links covering HR and benefit issues for all 50 states. As with the Risk Management Library, the web-based filing system allows the agency to upload, store, and organize any of their own materials they want added to the library.

3. Applications: For client use, there are a number of applications available including: COI Track for managing inbound and outbound Certificates of Insurance; Incident Track to track and trend incidents such as property claims, accidents, and worker-related illnesses with automatic generation of OSHA logs; Training Track to manage employee training schedules; Position Descriptions to help meet HR requirements and create modified return to work programs; Job Hazard Analysis to create custom safety programs and help meet regulatory requirements; and MSDS Management for the on-line management and distribution of material safety data sheets.

“The product is customizable per industry,” says Slade. “Many of our agency partners have multiple platforms specific to an industry sector, so for example, if an agency focuses on healthcare, hospitality, and construction, it may have three separate platforms from us that are geared toward each industry’s look and content. The platform is also customizable in two different ways: We can create specific applications or modify existing applications for greater client specificity.

Depending on the industry, each client has different needs and hot buttons the agency can tap into during the sales process. For a contractor, Certificates of Insurance management is a huge issue and the COI Track is key and resonates greatly for those industries that rely on vendors who do work on their behalf. The Incident Track module is suited for those with high exposure, such as manufacturers or grocery stores that have huge liability exposures from customer slip and fall issues.

“One of our agency partners has a grocery store chain as a client,” explains Slade. “So they’re customizing the Incident Track – the General Liability Reporting feature – to exactly mirror the way the client has reported claims for the last 20 years. The agency is reproducing on our platform the entire process, eliminating the paper-pen-fax approach used up to now. They are creating exactly what the grocer needs so that the store managers can enter the data and their corporate loss control team can run trending and analysis based on this data without having to do all the middle manipulation that was required before. For this agency, they have created an exit barrier that will lessen the chances of losing the client to another agency.” Success takes care of all updates. Because it’s web-based there is no software to install, no updates to worry about. What’s more, all data is encrypted and backed up every day. “As a secondary benefit, if a business is subject to a catastrophe, the data is safe as it’s housed elsewhere,” says Slade.

The program is easy for an agency to implement, as it’s a client resource. Succeed will take care of client training. Daily live training webinars are available for free. There is a built-in training and help center within the platform that has pre-recorded webinars and training materials on how to use everything throughout the system. Additionally, Succeed will provide training to agency staff to help them properly present and market the platform to clients. “There is service behind our platform,” says Slade. “It’s not just a software solution we sell and then move on from…we fully support it, provide training, a branded demo site, and all the marketing materials to help our partners push it out and make it a win for them in terms of getting new business and getting clients up to speed as fast possible.”

Also available is the Succeed Sales Suite™ to help producers and commercial insurance agencies of any size to grow. Producers have access to the risk management and HR libraries to provide sample documents to prospects in order to illustrate their role as a risk management consultant and not a transactional agent. Also included with the suite are marketing materials to introduce the RMC, a drip-marketing program to send branded emails to client and prospects, free monthly sales training, and 100 leads based on the industry sector or ZIP code selected by the producer.

To find out more about Succeed’s Risk Management Center platform or the Succeed Sales Suite™, please contact Slade at (503) 783-1931 or via email at: You can also visit: for more information.