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Storefront ISA Shares Info on New Twitter Feature on Insurance Campus

Posted on 17 Nov 09

Recently on Insurance Campus (, the insurance industry’s person-to-person networking center, Irwin Siegel Agency (ISA), one of our Storefronts, included the following information about Twitter and a new feature that is available called Lists. This feature now gives you the ability to create categories and add those categories that you follow. We are reproducing ISA’s post on Insurance Campus here, which gives you the “how-to” on creating a new category list on Twitter:

How To:

1. Simply navigate to your Following page (that’s the people you are following), click the list icon and click New List.

2. Type in your list name. The newly created list will now have a unique URL. Example:

3. You also have to option to make the list public or private.

4. Next to each person you follow, you can click the icon and add them to your newly created list. You may also add people to your list right from their profile page.

5. You will be able to view people in your lists by:

• Navigate to their profile page. The list you added them to will appear under their profile name.

• Navigate to your Following page. The list you added them to will appear under their profile name.

• Click on the Listed link (next to the Following & Followers links on your home page) and click on the Lists You Follow tab.

6. Finally, from the Lists You Follow tab, you will be able to select your lists and Edit or Delete them.

What Next:

1. Group all your friends by similar interests to help keep track of everyone you follow.

2. Share your list URL on twitter during #FollowFriday.

3. Create private groups for targeted marketing.

4. Follow someone else’s list. Instead of following a large number of similar-interest individuals, you can follow a list.”