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State Farm to Test App to Monitor Drivers

Posted on 08 May 13 by Annie George

State Farm is seeking 5,000 volunteers to try its latest app that collects information on driving habits.

Many insurance companies, including State Farm, Allstate and Progressive, are offering discounts to motorists willing to plug devices into their dashboards and have their driving habits monitored. The payoff is possible rate discounts if they drive safely.

Now, Bloomington-based State Farm is beginning to test RightLane, which collects basic information about a person's driving via an Android smartphone.

Running on a phone with software version 4.0 or greater and a factory-installed Bluetooth device, the app will collect data on a number of behaviors such as mileage, speed, acceleration, braking, cornering, date and time of trip. It also collects location.

The first 5,000 volunteers who complete the program will receive a $50 Visa gift card. Drivers needn't be policyholders but must have an Android phone and Bluetooth device. They also must drive at least 500 miles over at least 25 days within a 120-day test period and complete a survey when they're done.

The app may be downloaded from State Farm's website.

No information on individual drivers will be analyzed. The data collected will be used to help State Farm validate the feasibility of smartphone telematics applications.

Progressive has Snapshot. Allstate has Drive Wise. Currently, State Farm's overall telematics program, Drive Safe & Save, consists of three platforms. Both OnStar and Ford's Sync system measure mileage for State Farm customers who sign up. And In-Drive is a Hughes Telematics Inc. device that State Farm gives interested drivers.


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