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Small Insurance Agencies Find a Home & Competitive Rates for their E&O Coverage with SLB Insurance Group

Featuring Trevor Keys, Founder, and Danny Ginden, Managing Director, SLB Insurance Group

Posted on 24 Oct 12 by Annie George

In this issue, we’re featuring storefront, SLB Insurance Group, an insurance wholesale operation offering retail agencies a broad base of product lines, including General Liability, Monoline Property, Package, BOPs, Commercial Auto, Property, Builder’s Risk, Workers Compensation, and Professional Liability, for small businesses. Founded in 2000, SLB currently does business in 48 states, and has access to both admitted and non-admitted markets.

In 2010, SLB also created a Professional Division to serve all classes, with a focus on providing small- to mid-size insurance agencies with Errors & Omissions insurance. We spoke with Trevor Keys, one of the founders of SLB, and Managing Director Danny Ginden, about their E&O product for agencies whose premium volume is $10 million or less and how they’re making available a quality product to this underserved niche. Danny joined SLB Insurance in 2010 specifically to set up the division, after 10 years in the professional liability space.

“Since we started the SLB Professional Division,” explained Danny, “it has grown by leaps and bounds. We have in-house binding authority for small to mid-sized agents who focus on personal lines – auto, homeowners or a combination of both. Our program also includes rating tiers for those writing small commercial and specialty lines.

“We can find an E&O home for any small to medium size insurance agency. If we’re unable to place it with our two in-house programs, through Century Surety and Maxum Indemnity, we have direct appointments with 12 to 15 other markets to write and secure coverage.”

Minimum premiums begin at $1200, and quotes are available within 24 hours. “The entire transaction from start to finish is very quick,” said Danny. “This is very important to a lot of agents who are under gun to obtain coverage.”

SLB’s E&O product for insurance agents fills a gap in the market, as many smaller agents are unable to obtain coverage through the large wholesalers. “The smaller insurance agents were not being helped in the way they should be,” explained Trevor. “We went to the companies and designed an E&O program to make it easy for the agents. This fit perfectly with what SLB is all about – a leading wholesaler specializing in addressing underserved markets.”

“We have a one-page application that includes eight questions,” said Danny. “This compares to some apps that are 8 to 15 pages. Our app is simplified and makes the process easy and painless.”

When asked what the program includes in addition to the coverage, Danny explains that SLB is committed to helping agencies stem losses and control claims and is very active in risk management. “Our performance is based on written premium versus the number of claims that come in. Therefore, we obviously want to keep the number of claims to a minimum and the actual dollar amount of the claim as low as possible. We review an agency’s business to make sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed. We also work with firms that go in and review an agency’s operation to help prevent claims from occurring. What’s more, we’re very active on the insurance company side. When a claim comes in, we get notified immediately, and will discuss with the carriers ways in which to remedy a problem.”

“Our core competency is small transactional business, which is why this program is doing so well,” emphasized Trevor. “We have a very competitive program targeted to small agents. If you’ve been with a carrier for some time and are up for renewal and have not comparison shop in the last two to five years, it’s easy to get a quote from us. You can get an indication of whether your insurance program is in the best place, which is particularly important now with rates increasing. We can quote and bind off any application. You don’t have to fill out another app…simply submit the app you’ve already completed.”

For more information about SLB and its Professional Liability coverage for insurance agents, please contact Danny at 954.724.7014, ext 2310, or via email at You can also visit