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Sagitta vs. 7.5

Posted on 21 Jan 09

Storefront owner AMS Services, a leader in insurance agency automation, has announced the release of AMS Sagitta® version 7.5. This groundbreaking release includes much-anticipated enhancements to Certificates/EPI processing, multi-date off functionality, download import and a standard flood line of business. These recent innovations complement AMS Sagitta’s scalable architecture, providing enterprise-class, secure functionality that help agencies better service clients and manage their business.

“The new features in AMS Sagitta were developed as a direct result of customer feedback,” said Caroline Heckathorn, enterprise product manager. “For example, the unique-to-the-industry Certificates/EPI functionality was thoroughly tested in several hands-on usability labs. It will significantly increase our customers’ efficiency because it gives them the ability to quickly process certificates with the necessary attachments en masse.”

Feature highlights include:

  • Certificates/EPI—create certificates as a group with necessary attachments and then fax, e-mail or mail the resulting documents based on each holder’s preference, which significantly increases agency productivity in handling complex and/or extremely high-volume certificates dispensation
  • Multi-Date Off—delete multiple items from lists of vehicles, drivers, scheduled property, etc. in one step, which saves agency time
  • Download import filter—segregate mailbox entries by user, and work independently by displaying only relevant items in agencies with multiple locations and/or several download processing resources.
  • Flood line of business—formerly a custom functionality, this feature is now a part of the core _AMS Sagitta system and includes support for related ACORD forms and AL3 download from carriers

    “The new Certificate/EPI process is exciting,” said Linda Findlay, IS Manager, Bailey, Haskell & LaLonde Insurance. “In the past we had to print everything, bundle it up and send it off. Now we can attach in one step and then distribute based on the clients preferred method. What used to take our account managers 10 minutes, now only takes two minutes.”

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