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Retail Agents and Wholesalers, Program Administrators Tap Into XDimensional's Web-Based Nexsure Product Line

Featuring Bob Juracka, President, XDimensional Technologies

Posted on 20 Oct 10

Headquartered in Brea, California, XDimensional Technologies, Inc.® developed its flagship product, Nexsure®, in order to fill a void in the marketplace with the creation of the first comprehensive Internet-based insurance agency management system. The only product of its kind, Nexsure was engineered for the web from the ground up, and is based completely on the Microsoft® technology platform and takes full advantage of the XML data format. I spoke to co-founder of the Nexsure family of products, Bob Juracka, President of XDimensional, about the innovative web-based agency management system, as well as its pioneering platform for wholesalers and program administrators. Bob has been developing systems for the industry for more than 22 years.

“We wanted to create a truly technically modern agency management platform designed for the web where the browser is the user interface,” said Bob. “Nexsure is a web solution specifically designed for the business functionalities required to completely run an agency or brokerage operation. What’s more, we knew coming into the market that we had to provide the full complement of functionality, including CRM; requisite policy servicing; and all general ledger, accounting and billing functions.”

With this objective in mind, a major undertaking at XDimensional to create a platform with those requirement capabilities was set into motion, and the first version of Nexsure was released in 2003. The product gained immediate traction, establishing a significant footprint in the market, especially in the brokerage arena. “One of things that our platform brought to the table, in addition to having a truly modern design architecture, was the ability to scale for very large implementations,” said Bob. “Nexsure immediately tapped into the need for very large agencies to be able to use a single system, a single database, to have a ‘brain’ to access for thousands of users.”

Nexsure is not only for big agencies but also for agencies of any size that think big, as Bob put it. “We have large brokerages but we also have great customers with smaller operations. The way we price the system is to make sure that it is value based, whether there are 1,000 users or 10 users on the platform. We’re proud to have clients of all shapes and sizes.”

Innovation at XDimensional Continues with Wholesaler/Program Administrator Platform

Recently, XDimensional launched platforms designed for the wholesale broker and program administrator: Nexsure Express and Nexsure Excite. “Some of our larger clients have a subset of their business geared to wholesaler needs,” explained Bob. “We wanted to help them with this side of the business so we decided to add features to our platform to address this segment.”

The Nexsure Express platform has all the retail agency capabilities you find in Nexsure, and adds agency relationship management functionality to service a wholesaler’s clients, the requisite broker billing on a net and gross basis, direct billing to insured clients with commissions generated to the retail agent, etc. The platform allows you to operate combined wholesale and retail business from one system, and offers a complete, secure and compelling web interface solution for engagement of your agents and insureds for business submissions, self-service, quoting and access to client information any time of the day.

Nexsure Excite takes the system to the next level. It not only has all the basic workflow capability as described above but also allows you to bring your programs and ongoing maintenance of those programs onto a portal that is exposable to retailers. “It gives you the ability to take your programs out to the web,” said Bob. “You can bring the submission process on-line (not in a PDF form), collaborating with your retail agency partners in real time, and truly see where your business stands at any time. With Nexsure Excite, you’ll have a newly created client assigned to the retail agency, a complete application, and the data is all within your system as opposed to having forms that store the data and later require inputting that info into your system.”

Nexsure Excite brings a true rules-based engine for underwriting and rating into the realm of affordability for wholesale organizations. Now wholesalers and program administrators can have the same sophistication that a carrier’s rating models need to have, something that has never been accessible before to this area of the marketplace. “You have a rules engine that is a part of your programs that you take to the web,” said Bob. You are now not only bringing a true application into your processing system on-line but you also can have sophisticated rules-based underwriting and rating applied to that on-line session for real-time rating from your retail agents.”

Additionally, Nexsure offers a customization feature that allows you to automate non-ACORD ® standards. “We have all the standard lines of business that are maintained and serviced, but we also have the ability to automate non-standard lines of business in the same fashion you’d approach a standard line.” says Bob.

For more information about the Nexsure product line, please call Bob at 714.814.4267, or e-mail him at Also, be sure to visit: to learn more about XDimensional.