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Reputational Management Another Benefit of Social Media

By Annie George

Posted on 16 Nov 10

About three weeks ago I listened to a webinar, “Social Won’t Kill a Crisis, But Lack of Social During a Crisis Will Kill You, presented by Powered. It’s a 60-minute presentation and worth your while to listen to as it’s now available on-demand.

You’ll see how not listening, engaging and being a part of the conversation on the various social networking platforms can hurt your company when something goes wrong or negative comments are made. You’ll also see how companies who have their “ear” on social, proactively and transparently addressing issues that arise fare well among consumers.

Listen as Valeria Maltoni, Director of Strategy at Powered, explores the foundations for planning ahead and preparing for a PR crisis. You’ll learn:

•   Why companies need to be involved and communicate early on.
•   The steps needed to build a communication framework for your organization and weather a crisis in real time.
•   How to keep your cool during a crisis.

Powered is a dedicated social media agency that helps brands become more relevant in an increasingly digital, connected and social world.