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Rental Boat Coverage

Posted on 18 Feb 09

Storefront owner Britt/Paulk is pleased to announce the newest addition to their Marine & Yacht Division’s stable of products; RENTAL BOAT COVERAGE.

“The addition of this facility will ease many agents’ concerns about quality of coverage for their clients who have rental boat operations,” comments Steve York, Marine & Yacht Program Manager.

This coverage is provided by an “A+”, Admitted Carrier basis. We are accepting from rental boats to kayaks to houseboats and include PWCs (wave runners or jet skis*) and ski boats.

Two important options to note:

1. Watersport Liability-coverage for BI and PD in the event of an accident arising out of towing a person or persons

2. Premises Liability-provides liability for the insured’s premises.

Britt/Paulk can write single boat operations or large fleets and anything in between.
Fleet discounts apply. Expect quotes back in one day with a well prepared application.
Not writing rental PWCs in Florida

For more information, visit their storefront at


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