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Rebrand from the Mountaintop: CIMA Updates Identity

Posted on 14 Nov 12 by Annie George

The CIMA Companies, Inc., a leading independently owned insurance broker with a number of specialty products and services, has refreshed its brand identity in an effort that includes a new logo and updated website.

The brand's updated logo evokes the meaning of the company's name: In Spanish, "cima" denotes "summit" or "peak."

"The new logo embodies the literal meaning of the word 'cima,'" said Peter van Aartrijk, CEO of Aartrijk, the insurance branding firm that developed the new identity.

The refreshed identity retains the mountain peak concept from CIMA's prior identity, but expands it to a double-summit icon. "That illustrates the bond that brokers share with the network of business partners, clients and communities they serve and support," van Aartrijk said. "The mountain image also reflects CIMA's recognition that clients are striving ever higher toward their own goals and aspirations."

The brand refresh was prompted by the company's initiative to improve the online presence of the CIMA Volunteers Insurance program. And it aims to amplify the name recognition that CIMA long has enjoyed with a nationwide client base in its diverse lines of business.

The update provides CIMA the ability to use the logo across all platforms -- web, print, business applications, email, direct mail, collateral and signage. Images of several famous mountain peaks are included in the new website at