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RISC Expands its Equipment Select Program into Non-Energy Contractor Sector

Featuring Shawn Fabors, Chief Sales Officer, RISC, Inc.

Posted on 20 Oct 10

For nearly 45 years and with a team that brings more than 50 years of experience to the insurance arena, Dallas-based MGA and Surplus Lines Broker RISC, Inc. has met the needs of independent agents nationwide, and continues to do so with the expansion of its Equipment Select Program into the Non-Energy Contractor sector.

We spoke with Shawn Fabors, Chief Sales Officer of RISC about the expanded program and the opportunities for new business it provides for agents.

“When a dominating Inland Marine market increased its minimum premium to $10,000 on all new business, we expanded our Equipment Select Program to include the Non-Energy Contractor sector so that agents can have access through us for this market,” says Shawn. In establishing this new in-house underwriting facility, agencies now have access to an Inland Marine market they would not have through normal channels. “Agencies will no longer have to search for other means of coverage with other markets. RISC provides the channel for this,” says Shawn.

The program provides coverage for the following classes of business: Roofers; HVAC Contractors; Artisan Contractors; Manufacturers that sell and install their own products; Street, Road, and Bridge Contractors; Municipalities; and General Contractors. “We can cover dozers all the way down to miscellaneous contracting equipment,” says Shawn.

Written on Admitted paper with an A.M. Best “A+XV rated carrier, coverage includes: Contractors Equipment, Installation Floater, Computer Equipment, and Miscellaneous Property Floater.

Program highlights include quick quote turnaround and an experienced, solid claims staff that back up this program.

“This expansion reflects our ongoing commitment to provide an in-house insurance solution for agencies on a nationwide basis,” says Shawn. “Whenever we see a void or an opportunity to provide a coverage that is needed we work to fill that gap. There are many Inland Marine Accounts with premiums under $10,000 and we work hard to find solutions in this space. What’s more, the program complements are other Contractor Select Programs, providing an opportunity to offer a ‘packaged’ product.”

To find out more information about the program, please contact Cathy Montgomery at 214.220.0805, or the RISC Broker of your choice.