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Proctor Grand Opening

Posted on 04 Feb 09

Welcome to our new storefront owner Proctor Financial, Inc. (PFI), providing customer-focused, benefits-driven insurance and risk-management solutions to over 1600 financial institutions nationwide.
PFI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Brown & Brown, Inc. the ninth largest independent insurance intermediary in the United States. Listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Brown & Brown is a $2.7 billion market cap company and part of the Standard & Poor's Mid Cap 400 Index. As part of the Brown & Brown family, PFI has outstanding access to diversified insurance capacity.
PFI's risk-management programs protect commercial and residential properties on the servicing, origination and REO sides of the mortgage business. Insurance programs include lender-placed hazard (Mortgage Guard) and flood (Bridge60), real estate owned (REO Guard), blanket hazard (Portfolio Guard ), blanket home equity (EquiShield), hard to place properties (KwikRisk), mortgage impairment errors and omissions and excess flood. PFI also offers complete technology-enabled hazard insurance outsourcing programs aligned to each financial institution's business goals and operating needs.
Programs include:

  • EquiShield® - Blanket Home Equity & Second Mortgage Hazard Insurance
  • Bridge60® - Lender-Placed Flood Insurance
  • Excess Flood – Excess Insurance Over NFIP Limits
  • KwikRisk® - Hard-to-Place and Special-Needs Insurance
  • Mortgage Guard® - Lender-Placed Hazard Insurance
  • Mortgage Impairment – Errors & Omissions Insurance
  • Outsourcing Solutions
  • Portfolio Guard® - Blanket Hazard Insurance
  • REO Guard® - Real Estate Owned Hazard Insurance
    For more information, visit their storefront at