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Optimizing Facebook Posts

By Annie George

Posted on 05 Oct 11

Facebook is constantly evolving, updating its look and feel, and offering us new possibilities. But one thing remains constant: Using the social media network as a business tool to engage and communicate with your customers and potential customers is effective. You want to be where your customers are today and into the future..

So how do make the most out of your posts? There are solid basic business practices to consider:

  • Make your posts personal by using words like “we” and “our”, and not your company name.
  • Express emotion: “We’re so excited to attend the local youth center charity event this week in Santa Monica. Who will be joining us there?
  • Ask for feedback.
  • Add something in the Comments field to keep the conversation going when someone adds something to your post. 
  • Consider the sentiment your posts are producing. Perhaps you’re getting lots of comments, but are they saying positive or negative things?
  • Look at who your key competitors are in your area, in your niche markets. What are they doing on Facebook that you think is worth testing?
  • Listen to your audience. Try a message, see what the response is, and build a strategy based on that response.
  • Deliver the content your audience wants and give them more of what they like…and less of what they don’t.
  • Remember, you’re having a conversation with your audience, not giving them a lecture.
Have patience. Like any marketing strategy, this takes time and consistency.