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OMG! I Have to Blog?????

By Annie George

Posted on 10 Apr 13 by Annie George

I have a friend who recently published his first novel. He segued from writing for television to authoring a book in the crime genre. He’s planning to turn this into a series of books. Part of promoting his book is getting involved in virtual “book tours” and writing a blog for them. He wasn’t very keen on the idea, worried that writing a blog would take his energy and time away from writing the next book. Even more so, he had no idea of what to write about. “What would I say? What would people be interested in?” I told him to write about what he knows, and not to over think it, to take some time in the morning to write his weekly blog and then get on with the rest of the day writing his second novel. He wasn’t quite convinced.

But then he took pen to paper, wrote his first blog and sent it to me to review. It was great! His first blog was about the difference between writing for television versus writing a book – the process, the challenges, etc. He is now on his fifth blog and is actually enjoying it.

Coming up with the topics is most of the battle when blogging. The key is to choose issues you know about. Once you know your topic, the writing will come easy. For example, I write several insurance blogs that cover a broad span of coverages and services. Each month there is so much going on – from legislation, regulations, and reforms to natural disasters to surveys on various issues that are relevant to people’s lives and/or businesses. I choose what topics would make sense and what would be of interest to the various targeted audiences and how they would be affected. I get ideas from the news, of course, but I also get ideas from TV documentaries and even commercials.

One idea, for instance, came from a Super Bowl commercial. Taco Bell targeted seniors in a great spot during the sporting event. I wrote about the ad in a blog whose clients are managers of senior living facilities. Another idea came from a documentary on bullying in schools. I wrote about this in a blog whose target audience is educational institutions.

You can do the same thing for your agency blog. Think about what’s going on that would be of interest to your customers and potential clients. Then write about it. Remember, don’t get hung up on the writing. Just go for it.