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New Networking Site

Posted on 07 Jan 09

The next generation of communication has been created for the insurance industry.

Visit, then join, It’s free and it’s a great way to communicate with your peers within the insurance industry.

What distinguishes this model is the “user-generated” nature of the content. Members create their own profile, groups, posts, blogs, photos, videos, and more. There are currently 18 groups to choose from with additional groups formed daily as members form their own groups.

Since opening a little over a month ago, there have been insurance industry professionals join from: Guam, the Philippines, Poland, U.K., as well as from every part of the U.S. And in the first week, there were 11 videos posted that were viewed by 117 times by 143 members.
Walt Podgurski, CEO of Insurance Broadcasting and founder of is the guest on the December issue of Audio Insurance Outlook with Jack Burke.

As Jack says, “This is the future of insurance communications, check it out!”


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