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NAS Announces Medical Billers and Coders E&O Program

Posted on 15 Oct 11

NAS Insurance Services kicks off a special, comprehensive program for Medical Billers and Coders.  NAS' Medical Billers and Coders E&O includes:

  • Coverage for third party claims arising out of a Wrongful Act in the performance of or failure to perform Medical Billing and Coding Services;

  • MEDEFENSE™ Plus, which provides coverage for defense costs and fines and penalties from governmental and private payor allegations of improper billing (including RAC & ZPIC Audits);

  • NetGuard™ Plus, which provides coverage for Network Security and Privacy Liability, Customer Notification and Credit Monitoring Expenses, Regulatory Fines and Penalties, Data Recovery Costs, and Multimedia Liability;

For more details regarding these coverages, contact one of our product specialists: