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More than 15 Insurance Marketers Featured at Brand Camp 2012

Posted on 25 Apr 12

More than 15 insurance marketers will lead discussions at Aartrijk Brand Camp 2012, a hands-on conference designed specifically for carriers, agents and brokers, wholesalers, industry member organizations, and service providers. The event will be held May 7-9 in Boulder, Colorado, and registration information is available at

The program for Brand Camp 2012 will include sessions organized around the theme of "The Anatomy of A Brand," which recognizes that the various components of a brand work together to create a unique "person" and that insurance marketers have multiple systems to coordinate.

"Brands are like people. Smart insurance marketers are constantly reviewing and renewing the ways to grow and maintain a healthy brand," said Rick Morgan, program chair and senior vice president of Aartrijk. "Brand Camp provides an interactive environment where they can work together with peers and outside experts to experiment, develop new ideas, capture ideas already working for others, and fortify their brands to stand head and shoulders above the marketplace."

The Brand Camp 2012 agenda includes:

  • Check Out This Body: Anatomy of a Brand. This overview session will invite participants to take a holistic, forward-looking approach to improving the health and function of their brands in the insurance marketplace.
  • Major Surgery or Reincarnation? The End of the Insurance Business As We Know It. This panel discussion will center on the future of the industry and the independent agency distribution system, following up on recent Agents Council for Technology (ACT) initiatives to help independent agents reposition themselves for evolving customer demands.
  • Brand Biology Lab: Breakout Sessions. Attendees will identify key discussion points from the "Major Surgery" panel, tackle specific issues shaping the industry's future, make a "lab report" of findings, and present a definitive point of view or argument about next steps for brands.
  • Brain Builder: Lessons of Brands Past, Present & Future. Attendees will develop short presentations on branding or brand-refresh projects to demonstrate lessons learned.
  • The Ears Have It! Top 20 Countdown. This rapid-fire discussion of 20 top ideas, misperceptions, brand challenges, or lessons learned will be coordinated to music. Brand Campers will identify top topics for further discussion.
  • Candid Camera. This session will cover elements of appealing video content on insurance topics.
  • Doctor's Lounge. This pre-camp session will feature participant-directed discussions of pressing topics.  

"We have banned lectures and crammed slides at Brand Camp," said Morgan. "Rather, for each topic, we have discussion leaders who will stimulate discussion with facts, interactivity, dialogue, and exploration of what might work in the future. The goal is for attendees to not only leave with actionable ideas they can implement and use but to have actually spent a couple of days working hands-on with their brands.

"Brand Camp brings together inquisitive, smart insurance folks who want to learn from each other and build their brands to compete more effectively in the changing insurance marketplace," Morgan added.

Discussion leaders include:

  • Chris Amrhein, co-founder and chief humorist,
  • Paul Banuski, communications manager, Trusted Choice®.
  • Rene' Carpenter, corporate communications manager, Kapnick Insurance Group.
  • Jason Cass, principal, JDC Insurance.
  • Bobbie Dodge, new media producer, Insurance Journal.
  • Sharon Emek, Ph.D., CEO, Work At Home Vintage Employees (WAHVE).
  • Katie Herbst Peet, social media director, State Auto Insurance.
  • Patrick Hull, VP, marketing and communications, Woodruff-Sawyer & Co.
  • Rob Krohn, director of marketing and communications, Assurex Global.
  • Troy Lerner, president, Booyah Online Advertising.
  • Chris Paradiso, principal, Paradiso Insurance.
  • Robert Allan Paul, VP, marketing, Entrepreneurial Advantage and Project CAP.
  • Doug Pullman, manager, marketing and public relations, Parker, Smith & Feek.
  • Kevin Wellfare, director of marketing, INSURICA.
  • Tony Wessling, president and creative director, Wessling Group.

About Aartrijk: Aartrijk is a boutique branding firm serving insurance and financial services firms and member organizations. Aartrijk’s highly experienced team offers business-to-business and business-to-consumer insurance marketing; brand auditing; brand identity development; web positioning and social networking content and strategy; insurance trade advertising, marketing communications and public relations; publishing and editorial; and customer and marketing channel research.