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Market Smarter for Getting New Clients and Solidifying Relationships

By Annie George

Posted on 02 Aug 11

It’s tough getting new clients and keeping the ones you have. There’s a lot of noise out there to get through to firms to write new business and keep on top of retaining the business you already have. You’ve got to cut through that noise, the clutter, by offering added value and services and marketing smart. Here are some ideas to get you thinking, if these tactics are not already part of your marketing strategy.

  • 1. If you’re not already capitalizing on Internet Marketing and SEO, get in the game. A recent study shows that “insurance” is the most expensive keyword category in Google’s AdWords. What does that mean? It means insurance companies (independent and direct writers), agents and brokerages are spending billions in advertising on-line. You don’t need to do a Pay-Per-Click campaign, but you do need to get your agency found on Google with an optimized website, landing pages that generate call-to-actions, and content that is relevant and gets people asking for more information.

  • 2. Establish yourself as a thought leader in a specific area using Social Media. Think about the industries you serve and your expertise and experience in those industries. Look to LinkedIn to join industry-specific groups, like Restaurants or Hospitality or Municipalities. Set up a forum and begin discussions that mean something to those in the industry. Start generating buzz, and then show them through your experience what you can provide.

  • 3. Tweet, Facebook, Call me. Be sure your marketing strategy is an integrated one with a presence spanning all social media platforms. Establish a Twitter account and Facebook page for your agency or brokerage, if you haven’t already. Tweet and include postings that you think your customers and prospects will find interesting or of value to their business. It’s another way to stay top-of-mind and continually engage with customers.

  • 4. Blog. Keep your agency in front of customers and potential clients. Talk about something that will be of interest to your clients. For example, if you target Restaurants, write about trends. Check out this article as an example of the type of information you can provide.

  • 5. Shine on the Tube. Make a video about your services, talk about real ways you can save a business money and use testimonials of clients that toot your horn. Real-life examples that people can relate to.

  • 6. Offer White Papers. Write about a topic you know, or have someone help you so that you can provide added value to your clients and prospects. Post the white paper on your website for free downloading. Do a press release about the white paper.

  • 7. Optimized Press Releases. Send out monthly press releases that are optimized with keywords so that they’re picked up by the search engines and by industry-specific media. You can write about your new blog, white paper or a new product or service launch. Post the press release on-line, blog about it, and use a publishing wire service such as PRNewswire or PRWeb to distribute it.

  • 8. Webinar It. Again, choose a topic you know and hold a webinar about it for your clients. You can reach a broad audience about a subject that will bring real value to the businesses you serve. Follow-up with an email after the webinar and a free consultation about the specific service or product you featured.

  • 9. Email Tales. Tell your story and your clients’ stories (with their permission) through an email campaign or a monthly e-newsletter. Show by example what you can provide to prospects in specific industries.

  • 10. Nurture. This is nothing new, but so many agents and brokers just don’t do it because of time. But now drip-marketing systems exist that automate the process so that you can communicate and engage with clients and prospects at different touch points.