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Market, Ease of Use Spells Growth for and Agents

Featuring Stan Szczurek, First Vice President, Alliant Insurance Services

Posted on 20 Oct 10

In June 2009 we spoke with San Szczurek about the program available for Owners and Contractors Protective Liability (OCP) and Railroad Protective Liability through Since that time, the program has doubled in size, with more than 1,500 retailers and wholesalers placing OCP and Railroad Protective Liability business on-line. We caught up with Stan recently about the success of the program.

“The program is growing by leaps and bounds,” says Stan. “We have seen the number of producers writing business double, which correlates to a doubling in premium growth.”

Stan attributes the growth to several key differentiators in the market: “We have an admitted carrier, Mid-Continent Casualty (a member of the Great American Insurance Group), underwriting the coverage at competitive pricing. And the program is accessible and really easy to use. You sign up as a producer, log-in, and you’re up and running immediately. You can begin quoting and binding coverage within minutes, instead of the 4-5 days it takes to get a quote through traditional channels.” as a marketing arm has helped contributed to’s growth. “What has happened is we get a large agency doing business with us through ProgramBusiness and then all of their other locations begin accessing our program and placing accounts,” says Stan. “Word of mouth is driving agents to do business with us.”

The program is national except for in a few states. You can find out detailed information about the eligible risks at

You can also contact Susan Jones, Senior Account Executive, at, for additional information.