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Maritime General Agency Announces Rebranding and Consolidation of All Its Entities

Posted on 23 Feb 11

Maritime General Agency announces its newly formed business identity of Maritime Program Group, which combines three niche marine insurance underwriting facilities - Maritime General Agency, Marine MGA, and Windward Marine Underwriters - into one powerful managing general agency.

Our history dates back to the early 1990's when Maritime General Agency and Marine MGA were founded; Windward Marine Underwriters was added in 2002. Each of these related companies specialized and excelled in different aspects of marine insurance. Maritime Program Group was formed to unite these three companies and integrate their programs, services, 20+ years of expertise, and shared heritage.

Under the new name of Maritime Program Group, or MPG, the agency offers brokers unified and integrated insurance products, expert underwriting, and dedicated services that cover the entire spectrum of marine-related risks.

The consolidation solidifies Maritime Program Group as the largest program underwriter of Recreational Marine insurance in the United States. The firm is also a leading provider of Inland and Ocean marine insurance. In addition to these core strengths, MPG has added a Private Client Services division to serve the complex insurance needs of the affluent.

"The strength of MPG is more than its 20 years of experience," said Christopher Pesce, President of MPG. "It's our ability to cover every aspect of marine related risk, from the everyday yacht owner, to large commercial marine enterprises, to transportation and construction operations with inland and ocean assets. We've truly become a broker's single source solution for all marine related risk."

The firm's new website all of MPG's services, underwriting programs, risk management tools, and downloadable applications and forms into an easily accessible format for brokers. The broker services section of the website features an instant online rating tool for boat policies as well as production reports and online endorsement and policy processing functionality. Another new feature of the site "Marine Mishaps - Claim Stories" details some of the more interesting claims MPG has experienced over the years, including photos.

"Our new site is designed to educate and empower our partner brokers with the resources needed to deliver the right protection and the highest level of service to his or her clients," said Pesce.

The tag line developed to represent MPG's capabilities, Coverage in Motion, expresses the mobile nature of the risks they insure, the fluid nature of the forms that cover them, and their commitment to provide protection for every contingency and need moving forward. This tag line will be used in MPG's marketing, web content, and other materials.