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Maritime General Agency Adds to Staff

Posted on 16 Jun 10

Maritime General Agency (MGA) is pleased to welcome three of its newest staff members: Laura LeBlanc, Chris McKinnon and Julie Upp. MGA writes watercraft insurance, marina insurance, boat dealers insurance, yacht club insurance and other related marine insurance risks.

Laura LeBlanc joins MGA as a Senior Commercial Underwriter for New Hampshire Insurance Company business. Laura is responsible for dealing with brokers whose agency name begins with H - M. Laura comes to MGA with over 27 years of commercial package and reinsurance underwriting experience, working with several nationally known insurance companies.

Chris McKinnon joins MGA as a Yacht Underwriter for New Hampshire Insurance Company and Markel business. Chris is responsible for all private pleasure boats valued under $1 million submitted from brokers whose agency name begins with A - M. Chris has an extensive marine background and comes to us from a regional insurance carrier where he was employed as a yacht underwriter.

Julie Upp has shared responsibilities as an Underwriter Assistant supporting MGA's and Windward Marine Underwriters' (WMU) yacht books. Julie started with MGA in 2004 supporting the WMU yacht book. After getting married, Julie left the States to live abroad in Japan for two years. Upon her return to the US, she rejoined the MGA crew.

Additionally, Ned Sawyer has been promoted and is now under the tutelage of John Sterling in the Ocean Marine Department. Ned is now handling charter vessels, including vessels in MGA’s new North American Specialty program while being trained to underwrite Passenger Vessels, Commercial Hull and P&I, Marine Contractors, Cargo and other Ocean Marine products.

To learn more about Laura, Chris, Julie, Ned, or any of MGA's other staff; please visit the "Meet the People" section of the company website,


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