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Mainstay Insurance Group Rebrands as Fulcrum Insurance Programs, Announces New Products

Posted on 18 Sep 11

Mainstay Insurance Group, founded in 2008 by program administrators Dusty Rowland and Eric Arthur, has rebranded as Fulcrum Insurance Programs. The rebranding and new name reflect Fulcrum’s dedication to delivering value and creating balanced growth for their retail and insurance carrier partners in the hospitality, habitational, real estate, and casino industries, as well as their commitment to developing and managing innovative new programs for the marketplace. The name Fulcrum also conveys the company’s commitment to bring leverage to every transaction through a focused industry approach and group purchasing concepts.

“When we opened our doors three years ago, we didn’t know how quickly we could become a pure program administrator,” Rowland says. “We’ve been able to reach that point much faster than we had expected, and we saw this as a great opportunity to bring the word ‘programs’ into the name of our company. At the same time, we’ve expanded and enhanced the programs we’re offering and wanted that reflected in our brand.”

Fulcrum Insurance Programs recently expanded its offerings with the launch of two new programs: Fulcrum for Hotels and Resorts and Fulcrum for Casinos. Fulcrum for Hotels and Resorts is an all-lines program that includes general liability and property coverages. “This product has a number of endorsements and coverage extensions that are unique to the hotel and resort industry,” explains Rowland. “For casinos, our key product is a $100 million umbrella for large casinos, both tribal and non-tribal. The program is available in all states and can accommodate both stand-alone casinos and casino hotels.”

Fulcrum Insurance Programs has also added a new specialty market in support of its Association of Green Property Owners and Managers (AGPOM) Habitational Program – a comprehensive platform that provides coverages for members who adopt a green-building strategy in addition to offering an array of resources to promote and reward green-building efforts. Fulcrum now offers property and liability coverage for senior, student, and affordable housing accounts in addition to their real estate and hospitality classes.

What’s more, as part of their new brand Fulcrum has added new risk management resources to the firm’s service offering. Customers now have access to an in-depth risk management platform provided on the Fulcrum website. Through Fulcrum, clients can access an extensive risk control library with materials specific to their particular business. They can track and manage certificates of insurance for the various vendors and service providers with whom they deal. Clients also can facilitate employee training, build job descriptions and job hazard analysis, and manage OSHA and other regulatory compliance. These services are all also wrapped into the AGPOM program, expanding the benefits of association membership.

To encourage retailers to partner in AGPOM’s initiatives, Rowland and his team have also created a Charter Retail Agent Membership class. Qualified agents represent an elite, semi-exclusive class of Fulcrum appointments. “We are looking to add Charter Retailers in the East,” Rowland said.

Fulcrum’s custom programs are available on a national basis and exclusively through retail insurance agents and brokers. Working with top-rated carriers, Fulcrum is dedicated to providing best-in-class programs to retailers and their clients. To learn more about Fulcrum, call Dusty Rowland, president and chief executive officer, at (425) 233-6464 or via email at You can also visit for additional information on Fulcrum, and for information on AGPOM.