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Lockton Volunteers Launched Joplin Rebuild Project

Posted on 08 Nov 11

A team of 140 volunteers from Lockton helped Joplin, Mo residents rebuild two houses, fix a school playground, and make other repairs Oct 27-31.  The Lockton team helped the southwest Missouri city of 45,000 recover from a devastating EF-5 tornado on May 22 that cut a seven-mile long, one-mile wide swath, demolishing 8,000 buildings.

The team arrived Thursday afternoon, and presented a $32,000 grant to the Joplin Fire Department.  The grant, made in cooperation with Fireman's Fund Insurance, is helping the fire department replace firefighting equipment demolished in the tornado.  The new equipment includes two brush skids, fire fighting machinery used to fight brush fires.  Two fire stations were demolished in the storm.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, volunteers worked on building two houses for two families to support the local non-profit, Relief Spark. The Larry & Amy Jump family and Meagan Snider lost their homes May 22.

"When we asked community leaders what we could do to help, they told us they needed help rebuilding homes," said Matt Pateidl, one of the Lockton volunteer organizers.  "So that's why we're here.  We want to support Joplin's recovery."

"I'm so excited," said Meagan Snider, who hopes to move into her new home by Thanksgiving.  "This is just unbelieveable."  Snider is a manager at Freddy's, a restaurant in Joplin. She and a fellow manager are credited with saving the lives of 20 customers when they shephered them in the restrooms for protection during the May 22 storm. Everyone at Freddy's survived, but Snider's home was wiped out.