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Liberty Mutual Gets Interactive in Time Magazine’s History-Making Debut iPad Issue

Posted on 21 Apr 10

Liberty Mutual announced earlier this month that through its partnership with Time magazine, it is providing iPad users with an engaging digital experience through interactive advertisements.

The partnership with Time magazine and Apple’s iPad is part of Liberty Mutual’s ongoing, innovative approach to connecting with consumers, including the existing interactive Responsibility Project, which features entertaining content devoted to sparking discussions about personal responsibility. Both the creative development and media planning for the Time Magazine partnership were handled by Hill Holliday.

"As one of the first advertisers to be included in the iPad version of Time, we saw this as an opportunity to use our business building advertising to demonstrate our commitment to creating a more meaningful relationship with our customers through cutting-edge technology and entertaining content," said Paul Alexander, senior vice president, communications, Liberty Mutual Group. "The iPad advertisements allowed us to combine online, print and broadcast into one interactive, digital experience that literally jumps off the page."

The Liberty Mutual advertisements debuted in the April 12 issue of Time’s first iPad edition and will be viewable as readers flip through the online magazine, similar to a print experience. Ads will include product information as well as entertaining content from The Responsibility Project.

The premiere ad, which is an extension of Liberty Mutual’s current TV ad campaign, is in both vertical and horizontal modes and will focus on the company’s auto insurance capabilities. The first screen that users will see is a print headline in the form of a warning label that says, “After totaling your new car, things will never be the same. Except the replacement car we give you. That will be the same.” The goal of the visual is to draw users into the experience in which they will find out how Liberty Mutual can provide them with a new car if they total theirs.

From there, users will be encouraged to “swipe down” to watch a short, digitally-enhanced video that shows a totaled car replaced with a brand new one. Following the video, users can “swipe down” once more to find additional product information and visit Liberty Mutual’s Web site.