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Irwin Siegel Agency Marks 2010 With New Programs, New Business Opportunities

Posted on 02 Feb 10

Irwin Siegel Agency, Inc., (ISA) one our long-standing Storefronts, is a leading insurance and risk management provider for Social Service organizations. With almost 40 years of experience and involvement in the Human Services field, ISA provides specialty insurance programs in all 50 states and distributes these package insurance solutions through Independent Agents and Brokers.

Located in Rock Hill, New York, ISA was founded by Irwin Siegel in 1960 after he had become involved in a local chapter of the United Cerebral Palsy Association. It was then he began to learn first-hand of the valuable contributions such agencies make, and the problems they have to overcome in order to do so. It was even difficult for them to get insurance, and mission-specific insurance was undreamed of until an extraordinary family revolutionized an ordinary business and remains committed to their mission of “Supporting Those Who Support Others™.”

Today and as from its inception, ISA’s overall philosophy is ensuring the continued development of cost-effective, sophisticated insurance solutions to social service providers to address the big picture. ISA has an in-house Risk Management Team that interacts with all ISA customers and assists in development of future safety measures and preventative loss control services.

2010 marks the beginning of a new decade and brings with it fresh and exciting opportunities for both ISA and insured clients as well as ISA’s broker partners. ISA has restructured its Risk Management department with the ability to provide a multitude of new loss control services, resources, training options and a few new team members. “We are excited about these changes and hope these supportive services and resources from a trusted and experienced team of field professionals will assist agencies, especially during today’s extreme fiscal constraints,” says Brad Storey, Director of Risk Management of ISA.

“We are beyond committed to our motto of ‘Supporting Those Who Support Others.' This dedication is something that everyone at ISA feels as strongly about today as we have in the past. This passion will continue to grow into the future as we continue to find new ways to enhance supportive services to social service provides and to our loyal broker partners,” says Howard Siegel, CEO of ISA.

New Programs, New Opportunities

To welcome in the New Year, Irwin Siegel Agency, Inc. has released a variety of new insurance products for various social service classes to include; Foster care, Adoption Agencies, Addiction Treatment and Behavioral Healthcare Organizations, Expanded Workers Compensation program and access to new Cyber Liability coverage.

ISA Foster Care and Adoption Program

ISA’s Foster Care and Adoption Program is a unique insurance package that addresses the struggle foster care and adoption agencies face, especially in today’s difficult economic climate. In addition to limited state funding, and a decline in fundraising participants, there are obstacles regarding the training and retention of quality foster parents and employees. With the safety and well-being of the children served at the forefront, ISA is excited to offer a relevant cost-effective insurance solution to meet their needs and include industry training solutions and risk management resources to enhance support their mission. This program is an exciting addition to the current suite of Social Service programs administered by ISA and written through Chartis.

ISA Foster Care and Adoption Features:

Target Market: Best in class with dedication to children served, proper policies and procedures in place, established best practices and respective loss history.

• Package includes Property, Auto, General Liability, Professional Liability, Abuse and Umbrella

• General Liability, Professional Liability and Abuse coverage is non-admitted

• General Liability Occurrence, Professional and Abuse claims made

• Abuse coverage limits up to $1,000,000

• Minimum premium for eligible Foster Care Programs is $75,000 and $25,000 for eligible Adoption Agencies.

New Addiction Treatment and Behavioral Healthcare Program

A new relationship with ACE Medical Risk has evolved into new two new insurance programs tailored to meet the Addiction Treatment and Behavioral Healthcare organizations. These program are written on admitted paper through insurers in the ACE Group, an “A+” rated carrier by A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s, and available to Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers exclusively through Irwin Siegel Agency, Inc.

“As the insurance industry undergoes radical changes and the effects of a down economy ripple throughout all business – it is imperative that ISA continues the development of new programs, coverage options and supportive services to address these changing times and the evolving needs of Human Service providers. We are thrilled to work with ACE Medical Risk and for the opportunity to provide significant and competitive insurance options to Addiction Treatment facilities across the country” said Mr. Siegel.

ISA Addiction Treatment and Behavioral Healthcare Highlights

• Package programs offer General Liability, Professional Liability, Abuse, Auto, Crime, Inland Marine, Property, Umbrella Coverage and more

• Additional coverage options available for HIPAA Protection, Workers Compensation, Directors and Officers Liability, including liability coverage for Employment Practices

• Risk Management and Loss Control resources are also available

• Discounted access to over 650 hours of accredited online training with topics such as community health, child and adult mental health, workforce development, recovery and addiction.

• Discounted partner services available with consultative resources that address issues and trends surrounding Addiction Treatment programs.

“We’re pleased to embark on our program relationship with ISA’s experienced team of specialized professionals as this provides us with new opportunities to expand our business and bring ACE Medical Risk’s comprehensive insurance solutions to the healthcare industry,” said Ross Bertossi, President, ACE Medical Risk.

Net Protect Essential offers Cyber Liability Coverage

ISA has also introduced a new coverage for Cyber Liability available in conjunction with ISA’s comprehensive package policies or monoline on admitted paper with a minimum premium of $500.00. This program is written with CNA and offers coverage solutions for organizations that rely on electronic data, computers and networks to manage and disseminate information. In light of the recent FACTA Red Flag Rules Compliance Program, NetProtect covers any current or future applicable privacy law worldwide, as well as claims related to identity theft resulting from unauthorized disclosure of private information. This coverage is available ISA insured customers and eligible business within the financial, health care, life sciences, retail, manufacturing, construction, hospitality, telecommunications and technology industry’s.

What NetProtect Essential Will Cover

• Network damage to a third party’s system that interrupts connection for authorized users

• Transmission of a virus that cripples a third party’s network

• Unwarranted access or disclosure of information residing on insured’s or third party’s network

• A security breach that results in privacy injury or identity theft. This includes unauthorized revilement of non-public information such as an individual’s name, address, account relationships, telephone number, social security or credit card numbers

• Cost to remedy privacy law compliance deficiencies

Expanded Workers’ Compensation Program for Social Service and Home Healthcare Risks

ISA enhanced Worker’s Compensation Program expands the list of eligible classes within the social service, small business and healthcare industries. This Work Comp Product is extremely competitive and available as a stand-alone policy or in conjunction with ISA’s comprehensive Social Service Package. Offering broad eligibility, low minimum premiums and competitive commission, this product includes valuable claims service and consultative risk management resources.

ISA Workers Compensation Highlights

* Available in all states except the monopolistic states of Ohio, Washington, Wyoming and North Dakota, and Limited Wisconsin availability

• Eligible to Social Service, Home Healthcare and Medical Staffing programs

• Minimum premium of $2,500 required

• Experience Mod minimum of .65 and maximum of 1.49

• Guaranteed Cost

• 5% commission on premiums up to $250,000

The ISA Difference

“Over the years it has become apparent that a primary concern of organizations devoted to serving others is in fact their budget,” explains Sara Ruggiero, Director of Marketing of ISA. “A main source of fiscal assistance comes through the state and federal budget. However, every year providers feel the sting of budget cuts and diminished opportunities to promote funding. When times are difficult providers are likely to seek new programs and brokers will shop around a bit more even with their long time customers. It is during these times the customers and their brokers come to Irwin Siegel Agency, Inc. These times can lead to wise changes, better solutions and greater prosperity where before none could be found.”

Just as all industries experience competition and pricing wars – coverage comparisons and trusted broker partners are some of the ways ISA overcomes these obstacles today. “Competitors come and go, the market hardens and softens, and through it all we are here to continue supporting those who support others. This is the driving force as to why ISA remains focused on the Social Service industry. We continue to grow and learn new issues, focusing on providing the right solutions and best opportunities to support providers and the future growth of their programs. Our goal is to find ways of offering clients more, even when everyone else is getting less. We feel good about who we are at ISA and that thought fuels us to continue to overcome all future challenges the market throws our way,” says Ms. Ruggiero.

The ISA Marketing Approach

“Experience and knowledge of the Social Service field is vital to being successful in this niche,” says Mr. Siegel. Sometimes this exists at the retail level, but is often overlooked. ISA’s underwriters and risk managers, who have years of social service knowledge and field involvement, work with Independent Agents and Brokers to educate them on common exposures, along with special coverages designed for this niche.

After setting in motion new online strategies last year, ISA’s Marketing team is looking to move forward into 2010 with the continued development of ISA’s online presence and bringing new relationships into deeper, more meaningful partnerships. “With the integration of various marketing strategies from direct mail to blog discussions, social media chatter and phone calls related to email industry news blast – we’ve implemented a unique system that identifies leading trends and industry voices, promoting evolving relationships and increasing our involvement with new producers” says Ms. Ruggiero.

An overflowing sea of information is available today from every direction. Messages promote selling techniques, seminars outline which clients to pursue, white papers that define what Social Service providers need from their insurance program and the list goes on. ISA’s goal is to remain the industry’s go to for information and questions relating to the Social Services field for underwriting expertise, field involvement and coverage knowledge specific to these targeted classes.

“As we personally developed our relationships over the years and recently through the dawn of Web 2.0 – ISA is actively pursuing various online ventures to collaboratively build our online presence while becoming trusted allies to our Independent Broker and Agent partners. Learning from our accomplishments and mistakes, ISA’s Marketing department has developed an in house multi-dimensional marketing plan that reaches the broadest audience and segments them to into various categories identified by relationship potential, reinforced connection and heightened involvement.

“Our purpose is to continue learning and refining our knowledge of the Social Service industry. Through a variety of marketing strategies we aim to provide the field intelligence and action marketing techniques that bind new business, indentify new prospects and develop follow through techniques for ISA’s broker partners, while keeping our clients safe and secure for years to come,” says Ms. Ruggiero.

To find out even more about ISA and its new program, please visit: or email: Sara Ruggiero at: