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Insurance Virtual Tradeshow Expands Reach, Increasing Access to Agencies

California Agents & Brokers and Insurance Professionals Sign Up Free For Next Week’s Show

Posted on 22 May 13 by Annie George

By Annie George

What do you when you can’t attend a tradeshow? The tradeshow comes to you, thanks to Anita Nevins, founder of Direct Connection Advertising & Marketing LLC, a firm that provides marketing and communication solutions to insurance carriers, wholesalers and the industry at large. Anita and her company are hosting their third
Virtual Insurance Marketplace next week, May 29-30. The tradeshow, free for attendees, is focused on California Property & Casualty Agents and Brokers and Insurance Professionals.

The Virtual Insurance Marketplace combines the latest technology in webcasting, online chats, video streaming, and avatar graphics to offer the components of physical trade shows: exhibitor booths, presentations, distribution of marketing literature and social "gatherings." It is designed to look and function like the real thing but that play out in real time in cyberspace.

“With the virtual tradeshow, you don’t have the expense of travel, accommodations, meals, etc. that are part of attending a show,” said Anita. “We’re bringing the benefits of a tradeshow to a wider audience, providing attendees with the ability to click on an exhibitor's booth to download company information, watch product-demonstration videos and chat online with company reps from the comfort of their office.”

The Virtual Insurance Marketplace is not intended to replace the industry tradeshows that take place throughout the country year-round; rather they can be used to complement an existing show by offering an opportunity to those that can’t attend either as a participant or as an exhibitor to connect and network with colleagues, find out about products and services, learn from industry experts, and connect with markets. The virtual tradeshow also offers an opportunity for companies and associations to create a new show for those looking for different avenues to reach their constituents. In fact, Foremost Insurance Company will be the first property and casualty insurer to host a virtual tradeshow, “Foremost eConference”, through Direct Connection Advertising & Marketing next month.

How does the Virtual Insurance Marketplace work?

Exhibitor booths are set up just as like at a physical tradeshow with various ways in which to easily search and access each of them. Attendees can visit each both and download the material (brochures, videos, etc.) they’d like to an online briefcase provided within the menu. You can even download the entire exhibit booth into your briefcase. At the end of the show attendees can then “unpack” their briefcase with all the pdfs, etc. they chose to the desktop of their computer for later reference. “What’s also of particular value to the attendees,” explained Anita, “is that during the registration process we ask them to select the specific lines of business, marketing strategies, etc. they’re interested in so that our exhibitors can deliver to them the information they need. In addition, this provides exhibitors with a digital footprint of those attending and their interests.”

During the show, attendees can participate in live chats with the exhibitors – either in a group or privately. They can see who is “manning” the booth and interact with the exhibitors just as they would at a physical show. Attendees can also schedule a specific time with an exhibitor to chat while the tradeshow is live. One of the exhibitors is Neilson Marketing Services, sister company of In addition, Mike Neilson, Vice President/Operations of Neilson Marketing, will be doing a presentation on telemarketing.

“You can log in and out of the show as many times as you’d like while it’s live,” explained Anita. “Once the show is over, it will be archived for 90 days so you can access the information you may have missed. The only difference is that during the archived period there are obviously no live chats.”

Speaker presentations are available in “real time” and then available on-demand. The presentations will also be available for 90 days after the show is over. During a show, depending on the individual presenter, the platform allows for chat with him or her in a group Q&A.

To take a brief tour on how the Virtual Insurance Tradeshow looks and works, you can take a look at the three-minute video provided on the website by clicking here.



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