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ISA Offers Agents New Tools/Resources for Growth Opportunities in Social Service Niche

Posted on 21 Jul 09

In this issue we are happy to feature a marketing idea from one of our Storefronts, Irwin Siegel Agency (ISA). Kristen Rielly, New Media Developer, is sharing with us the new tools and resources ISA is providing to agents and brokers to help them market to the Social Service industry.

ISA has recently adopted a new approach in marketing to insurance agents and brokers. Focusing on solving their needs, we provide relevant and useful information to brokers who are seeking new opportunities to grow in the Social Service niche. With our 35 years of experience in the Social Service field, ISA has created new tools and resources that educate and assist agents in developing growth opportunities, even in today’s challenging market.

In order to assist brokers in identifying potential prospects, ISA has created a webpage where brokers can conduct online searches. This page displays suggested program keywords that can drive targeted search results. On a secondary page, ISA has highlighted partnered services and risk management resources that support Social Service providers and compliment our insurance programs. Brokers can utilize these pages both to search for local prospects and to share the variety of resources and services available to address their complex needs.

Today’s marketing buzz words are focused around social media, however, resources designed specifically for insurance agents are limited. In response to the lack of available information, ISA has developed an eBook, which identifies and explains various Web 2.0 tools and their marketing relevance. The eBook will also be available through the Agents Council of Technology (ACT), which is part of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America (IIABA). It is our hope to promote the use of technology and improve marketing strategies within independent insurance agencies.

In a continued effort to support loss control and quality improvement initiatives, ISA provides valuable educational resources that cover a variety of safety topics. Although these resources are available only to insured clients, we have developed a webpage to showcase the most recent safety bulletins and booklets. This page features downloadable field relevant information for brokers to share; offering a glimpse into the extensive library available to ISA insured clients.

Through the years, ISA has introduced a number of new producers to the vast opportunities available within the Social Service niche. ISA recently announced a New Producer Development Program through email blasts and corresponding webpages. These pages provide links to an abundance of educational resources that promote agency growth and assist in perpetuation planning efforts.

Understanding each distinct risk, their community involvement, services offered, and field related issues are key aspects to writing business in the Social Service market. Working together with independent agents and brokers, we can provide knowledge of the industry and support producers in reaching and acquiring new prospects.


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