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IFI Endorsement

Posted on 07 Jan 09

Irving Weber Associates, Inc. is now endorsed by IFI – and that’s great news for your fabricare clients!! The IWA Fabricare Insurance Program has secured the endorsement of the International Fabricare Institute (IFI), giving us a seal of approval that promises quality products and services for you and your fabricare clients. IFI is the largest fabricare association in the U.S. and IWA is the largest provider of insurance to the fabricare industry. It’s a natural, winning combination that means we’re a trusted partner to the fabricare business, and your clients can rely on us to provide the most comprehensive insurance services, at the best possible rates, with the finest service. We have the expertise, experience and coverage to serve every type of fabricare business – drycleaners, linen supply, uniform rental, commercial laundries and restoration dry cleaners – from small, independent establishments to large, multi-facility businesses. And we can tailor a plan that gives them what they need, when they need it. IFI is the fabricare industry’s premier association, with a century of excellence. And IWA has been providing superior insurance coverage for the fabricare industry for 60 years. It’s a partnership that yields multiple benefits for your clients. IWA has been serving fabricare customers for over 60 years and our breadth of service extends coast to coast. Our reputation is your guarantee. And here’s what Irving Weber Associates can do for you:

  • Provide the experience to help you secure more fabricare accounts.
  • Deliver quick, professional turnaround on quotes.
  • Offer a ready-to-deliver proposal to complement your agency’s image. For more information, visit their storefront at