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Helping Your Business with Drip Marketing

By Annie George

Posted on 18 Sep 11

There’s a lot of talk about drip marketing and how it can help you convert prospects into clients and up-sell and cross-sell existing clients to generate more business and forge a deeper professional relationship. It takes time, it takes effort, but a successful, carefully planned drip marketing campaign with a well-thought-out targeted series of communication will get your message across to customers and prospects and keep your brand and company top of mind.

First what is drip marketing? It’s defined as follows:

Drip marketing is a communication strategy that sends, or "drips," a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects over time. These messages often take the form of email marketing, although other media can also be used. Drip marketing is distinct from other database marketing in two ways: (1) the timing of the messages follows a pre-determined course; (2) the messages are dripped in a series applicable to a specific behavior or status of the recipient.

Drip marketing allows you to build awareness by getting your company name and message in your potential customer’s mind. It also allows you to educate and inform prospects about your products and provide information relevant to their industry or lifestyle by sending useful information that over time will build trust in your agency or brokerage.

It’s especially effective when it comes to services and products with a long sales cycle. Think commercial lines, life and health insurance, and even higher-end personal lines and cross-selling opportunities.

To get maximum effect from your drip marketing campaign, decide on a basic theme that you want your campaign to drive home. But be sure to come up with different angles each time to drive home the same basic theme you want to convey so you won’t lose its effectiveness. Perhaps it’s industry knowledge in a specific niche, or decades of servicing your community.

Also, customize your messages for specific audiences in your drip marketing campaign. If you’re talking about insurance programs to restaurateurs, be sure your letters, email blasts, speak their language and to their needs. If you’re talking to contractors, they will relate to messaging that is tailored to them. Look at your prospect list to figure out which presentations are likely to be most effective with different groups, and what hot buttons will pique their interest.

This may sound like a lot of work, but it won’t be if you have an automated system that will run your campaign for you once you have your themes/messages built and your database of prospects within the program. The system, depending on each touch point and the response to the initial query or the time interval between each touch point, will automatically generate the appropriate letter, email, newsletter, etc. to each prospect along the sales and marketing pipeline.

Be sure to avoid inundating prospects with irrelevant information. The whole idea is to provide good content with interesting message that works toward building trust.