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Harness the Power of Email to Reach Out Before, During & After An Event, Potential Disaster

Posted on 20 Feb 13 by Annie George

We use email all day to communicate. Many of you also use it to promote products and services to your agency partners or to make staff announcements; or as an agency, you may use it to cross-sell or up-sell products to business owners and consumers. How many of you are also using email to its fullest potential to stay on top of events and communicate to your customers and prospects before, during and after an event, such as a storm?

For example, right before the last winter storm (February) was about to hit the East Coast, I received an email from Zurich on tips to help secure my property and to reduce winter risks. Also included in the email were tips on digging out after a storm has passed with a link to Zurich’s website. What’s more, the email included a link to additional information/resources. There was also a link for claims reporting.

Another example of an email communiqué was sent from one of our Storefronts, Maritime Program Group (MPG), during Superstorm Sandy. The email was sent to MPG’s agency partners to provide information to them to help marine and boat/yacht club clients with mitigating losses and to offer resources on where to get FEMA assistance. The email included links to MPG’s website to a special section that was set up and offered: loss control tips; FEMA locations for Hurricane Sandy; guidance on a handling a disaster after a hurricane; and other key resources. MPG specializes in protecting all types of marine-related assets across every category of marine risks including Recreational Marine, Inland Marine, and Ocean Marine. When Sandy hit and destroyed boating communities in Staten Island, the South Shore of Long Island, the western part of the Long Island Sound, and along the Jersey Shore, MPG knew it had to get the word out immediately to help its agency partners with their insureds. In the weeks following the storm, MPG was working on than 900 Sandy-related losses.

Email and social media networks are powerful platforms to get your message out there to the communities you serve, especially during challenging times. Be sure you are using these mediums to their fullest potential particularly when your customers and prospects need you most – whether you are an insurer, wholesaler, and Program Administrator or an independent insurance agency.